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Quick Snaps! Vol. 3 [G35 x Stich Gulf]

Here’s a brand new volume to the “Quick Snaps!” segment of the blog…Usually I just have my phone with me for these shots, but this time I was prepared and had my camera with me, so these shots are a little better than usual. 19 more words


Enter: Tony Dinh's Lexus IS350 - Part III

The final part for Tony’s IS350. If anyone knows me by now from reading my blog, it’s that I have a love/hate relationship with rolling shots. 403 more words

Do these stretches before your next round of golf for a solid start to your round!

Back when my HNC Professional Golf college course began I started to attend the gym to increase my strength and power to help increase my distance on the course. 464 more words


Enter: Tony Dinh's Lexus IS350 - Part II

Part 2! We made our way downtown and JC found a new location we haven’t used before and it ended up being perfect in terms of lighting and shadows. 325 more words

Enter: Tony Dinh's Lexus IS350 - Part I

Here we go with part 1!

I know a few of you were upset with the teaser last night because it was barely a shot of the car but that’s how I like to roll. 563 more words

Serving Static content in Spring

To serve a static content in spring, spring’s mvc namespace provides <mvc:resources> element. All we must do is configure it in the Spring configuration.

All requests that go through DispatcherServlet must be handled in some way, commonly via controllers. 254 more words