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The ladies who rock...you're welcome

As a young woman who goes to a lot of shows, and meets a lot of bands, it is always refreshing to see girls in bands who are not only TALENTED, but who serve as role models for other young girls who want to break into the music scene. 363 more words


12 beautiful Japanese train stations by the sea

Being an island nation, there is no shortages of beaches in Japan–though if you live in Tokyo, there are times when the only thing resembling the ocean to be seen is a sea of people. 1,333 more words


And Now Cardiff Will Get The Grand Entrance It Deserves

When you thunder down to Cardiff from London Paddington on the Great Western Mail Line, you arrive in the Welsh capital at a rather nondescript and unprepossessing… 31 more words


Episode 4: The Free Colonies

It’s July! And since we celebrate the independence of our own free colony this month, it’s only fitting that we talk about the Free Colonies in this episode! 73 more words

Mobile Frame Zero


Arbatskaya Station

While Long Islanders loom closer and closer to what seems to be an inevitable Long Island Railroad Strike, (UPDATE 7.17.14  - STRIKE AVERTED) more tragically, The Moscow (as in Russia) Metro experienced a horrific derailment this week in one of its deepest metro stations, Park Pobedy (275 fee deep) making the rescue particularly difficult. 678 more words

Auckland Radio Stations

Auckland Radio Stations

Everyone knows that feeling when you drive into a new town and know you can finally get some reception on your car radio. 170 more words