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Štatistiky z druhého mesiaca :)

Druhý mesiac bol iný, ako ten prvý. Dlhé dni, viac ako týždeň, sa váha nehýbala, až k pocitu, že všetka námaha a snaha sú márne. A potom zrazu… hop a v priebehu pár dní zmizlo z váhy kilo a pol. 366 more words


Statistics Saturday: Charting Yet Another Of My Worries

I could just shower again and do it right this time, but then I start to worry that I’m using way too much soap. 8 more words


September Sales Report

In September we saw a total of 383 housing sales. 193 single family homes, 190 condos. Sales declined by nearly 100 units as School started and the summer buying period ended. 124 more words

Real Estate

August Sales Report

In August we saw a total of 488 housing sales. 282 single family homes, 206 condos. The number of total sales in August were similar to July, but a significantly higher percentage were condo sales. 107 more words

Real Estate

Class Opener - Day 30 - Stats Entrance Tickets

Usually my openers here on the blog are those I share with my freshman classes, but today’s post features my AP Statistics class.  They are preparing for their test on normal distributions, and it’s no time to be spooked!   389 more words


Standard Deviation

As with many human characteristics, most people are very similar, with a few people at either extreme end. Arranging the frequency of scores in order creates a… 509 more words