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Zopár štatistík z prvého mesiaca a pol :)

Klesajúca hmotnosť je skvelým vedľajším produktom zdravšieho života. Týchto šesť kíl za jeden a pol mesiaca nie je výsledkom diéty, vynechávania jedál, odriekania si všetké dobrého, ani neustáleho cvičenia. 157 more words


Constitution Day - Math and Politics

Sam: It’s a private poll. The press doesn’t have access to it… The only way they’d know what questions were being asked is if they were actually called by one of the pollsters and… Oh my god! 501 more words


The Polish Air Force 1939- 40

On the 23rd August 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed the most treacherous treaty in the 20th Century: the Molotov- Ribbentrop Treaty. Within weeks Poland had been partitioned by Germany and the Soviets and the Polish Air Force fled. 549 more words


Big Data Industry: Much Ado About Nothing (Accuracy)

Without accurate data it is all just mushed together by the analyst (or computer program of the week).


Studying 'R'

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    • Matloff, N (2011) The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design. No Starch Press. 978-1593273842

Nerf-Herding in Denver (SQL Saturday #331)

In the Star Wars universe, the nerf was an adaptable, hairy, slow, grumpy animal that was important for its meat. In SQL Server, the Statistic is a flexible, hairy, (sometimes) slow, grumpy blob that is important in query compilation. 152 more words

VN stock market - August statistics

File to download: Sectortop_August2014statistics.pdf

This month’s theme: Upcom

Table of content:

Index movement

Price spread & distribution


Foreign trading

Market capitalization

Investment indicators