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Browns EOR Draft Review: Johnny Manziel

Come back here to see yearly updates on all of Manziel’s stats, injuries, and more.


Outlawing MLB's aggressive infield shifts makes no sense

In a thought-provoking column for Sports Illustrated, Tom Verducci suggests MLB should consider outlawing aggressive infield shifting to foster more offense:

Support of an “illegal defense” rule –- or at least the consideration of it -– is gaining some traction in baseball.

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Do the Stats Work for Chinese Social Media?

Marketing executives in the West are busy checking the stats for Chinese social media to better inform how they promote their brands on social media. 524 more words

Chinese Social Media

Theories on defensive stats

I’ve been looking at defensive statistics for individual players for several weeks now and, while I’m still very much at a basic level, there are some things that I think I’ve noticed that I feel I should put down on virtual paper. 758 more words


Is A Miss Always A Miss? Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article in which I asked, is a miss always just a miss? If you want the gory details, you can find them… 1,059 more words

True Geek Love is Strava

I confess that I love Strava. I love the concept, the way it looks online and integrates with your phone, but mainly I love it’s stats. 398 more words