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The Popular Democratic Party's secret plan for PR

If you’ve ever worked on a puzzle you know to start with the outside edges first.  Those are the easiest pieces to put into place.  Once you have the ‘frame’ of the picture, then you can start filling in the middle. 691 more words

Puerto Rico

Multiple updates coming soon :D

So, I’ve been expanding on the world and lore of Fakelite and this is primarily why I couldn’t put out an update this week.

As I kept writing, I realized I was quite interested in this story and the characters myself. 134 more words


Practicly everyone who’s seen my former partner’s penis has commented on the waste it is for a BOTTOM to have such a large tool. But few people comment on the fact that he has a BONY SKINNY FLAT ASS from sitting on it for too many years like I do occasionally when he pisses me off, like this morning when he said the SEIZURE I HAD ONLY TAKES 5 MINUTES. 29 more words


Still recovering from the seizure and the aftermath…

THE FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS at FENWAY COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER tried sliding a form in front of me that would make me responsible for “100% of ANY MEDICAL COSTS” which are not covered by my insurance. 214 more words


3 days more until 2nd sem.

I wish that our school president will extend our sembreak.

I want to travel, sleepover, mingle with my friends and play volleyball 😭 22 more words