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She found one.

The day started with a light drizzle of rain and progressed into a full-on deluge by the time I arrived at my first appointment of the day.  425 more words


Inclusive, Intersectional Feminist

I am dangerous.
If I had the tools to be right all the time,
I would use them.

Every movement needs its skeptics.
I don’t mean… 212 more words


Tom Reed Time Lord

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.–Martin Luther King Jr.

Que Sera, Sera; Whatever Will Be, Will Be; The Future’s not ours to See… 266 more words


Es usted un líder o un gerente?

•El gerente pregunta cómo y cuándo; el líder pregunta qué y porqué

•El gerente imita; el líder origina

•El gerente acepta el status quo; el líder lo cuestiona… 32 more words


(The Perils Of) Straight Line Thinking: A Cod-Philosophical Spurt, Post-Alan Moore

Busting out of the corridor of convention, with a little help from Albion’s beardiest magician.

The Bemolution recently watched The Mindscape of Alan Moore, 2005’s hypnotic docu-insight into the world of England’s finest fake snake-god worshipping anarchist, comic book writer and beard-sporting dissident genius. 2,515 more words


Was Having Trouble Loading Facebook, And On The Movie Warm Bodies

The Facebook page I use isn’t loading. Guess that’s a possible occurrence when the world is ending and you’re saying stuff that reaches the masses, letting them know to wake up and be human and not zombies following the status quo. 258 more words

Human Potential