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Why Steve Jobs is My Role Model [Part 3 of 5]

In case you’re just getting here, this is part three (of five) on why the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is my role model.

I highly suggest that you take a few minutes to read part… 490 more words


European Hop Growers Skeptical of Craft Trend

When I was the director of Hop Growers of America, I took a delegation of American hop growers on a tour through the Hallertau region of Germany. 1,069 more words


Quote of the Week?

As those of you who regularly follow our blog, we usually post on Thursday about quotes that we have been loving in the past week. And I must admit, my ability to find a quote that I identify with this week has been a disaster. 309 more words

Quote Of The Week

Holiday Survival or, Just Say No

The holidays have come back around again, seemingly more quickly than they did last year. It feels like they are happening every year now…wait. Yeah, they’re a thing. 630 more words



I am a creative being spilling over my brim with insights and ideas. I watch when I’m silent instead of speaking words that are just forming on my tongue. 507 more words


Better Living Through Atheism, Pt. 2

(Continued from Tuesday)

I tried again with Catholicism on a few occasions, in times dark and desperate. At sixteen I was chronically sick with Strep throat for a year and no medical treatment was working. 1,072 more words