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Did your law education teach you to challenge the status quo?

Disclaimer: Today’s blog post is going to be anecdotal and subjective. Constraints of the subject I am writing on.

Let me start by telling you why I decided to study law. 1,715 more words



By Joe Moore

Do you get a bit uncomfortable in a conversation where you think your contribution, or performance is challenged? When you start to think that others are trying to get you to change, do you become a little uneasy and try to change the subject of the conversation? 302 more words

Executive Leadership

The Status Quo

There is a key point that I always keep in mind when hiring new teachers: We do not want the teacher we hire to become more like us; we want our school to become more like them. 606 more words


Keep quiet and accept the status quo...

or not. Those who are rebelling are basically saying we won’t accept the status quo; we will not keep quiet. If they did, everything would be great and the governments (controlled by the elite) would be just happy and satisfied. 83 more words


The only constant is change. And Pi I guess.

There is a pervasive myth in the Independence debate. That myth is that it is a choice between the uncertainty of Independence and the status quo. 226 more words

life without a smart phone

So this is my first time am writing a blog. As I have nothing to do in holidays I might just go ahead and do it. 357 more words


Changing Lenses to Avoid the Status Quo

“I hate a Roman named Status Quo!” he said to me. “Stuff your eyes with wonder,” he said, “live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. 325 more words