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Tesla vs. Dealerships: Finding Solutions For Tesla's Struggle With United States Auto Dealers

Imagine a world where buying a car only required rolling out of bed, picking out your preferences, and clicking “Order” via the internet while you sip on your morning cup of coffee, similar to ordering a product from Amazon. 2,507 more words

Automobile Dealerships

Professional Release

Pursuing a defined path is, naturally, an attractive notion. Having something to do minimizes down-time and keeps the ball moving. When the rhythm becomes a mindless trance though, it can lead to problems, and perhaps crisis. 343 more words


Leaving Well Enough Alone...

I used to think that the phrase “leaving well enough alone” was a wise one but I am just not too sure of that anymore. It could mean that I just don’t want to change or maybe I don’t want to chance losing something for the benefit of others. 294 more words

About Life

Status Quo Frantic Four, 2nd reunion tour

“Status Quo: Britain’s most underrated rock band”

says Michael Hann, The Guardian, 31 March 2014.

For fans like me who followed the original line-up live in the 70s and early 80s this isn’t news but its great to see a Quo finally getting the recognition they deserve for their early work. 1,344 more words

Status Quo


“It has to come from a profound dissenchament of the status quo and seeing a bigger picture of things that are not serving the non elites.

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Subversive Women Dictionary

Why Chivalry Should be Dead

To put things in context, I’m a 21 year old heterosexual male living in Canada. A topic that is always of interest when I talk to my friends, male, female, or trans-gendered is where to go on a first date. 1,325 more words


Anti-Blackness: A War of Words

Anti-Black racism is often believed to consist of attacks against Blacks in an overt manner, either by use of violence or racial slurs.

However, one thing many of us sometimes fail to realize is the subtle forms of anti-Black racism involved in everyday conversations. 840 more words