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I don’t think
A human heart
Is suppose to
Beat this



hair a mess
eyes are tired
but not from stress
my heart keeps
I have
so many scars
I can’t believe
your not leaving… 27 more words

Status Update


chamomile tea
warm weather
air conditioning
childhood television shows
I still feel
Gods pull
on my heart
that’s so full
so many signs
and those words… 34 more words

Status Update

Let's just say...

Pretend you are a bright young lady who beats out hundreds of applicants to land a great job at a reputable institution. You work hard, rarely call in sick, are quick to offer to stay late for departmental coverage and earn two promotions in just four short years. 179 more words

Status Update

Are you dead?

(The answer is: Maybe. I’m not sure…)

Well guys, before anything, this is not your usual “Founder”/battlefeverJNB, this is Someone new talking to you all, I just wanted to drop by to give you some explanations in any ways I can, but I just didn’t knew how to handle it. 622 more words

Status Update


I’ll keep
This short
I want to love you
As soon as possible


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