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Marc Jacobs meets Louis Vuitton.

You have never seen bag’s like these before…

Designed by Marc Jacobs for his final runway show with Louis Vuitton, these bags are available in limited quantities. 25 more words

Luxury Lifestyles

What Is My Legacy?

Life is short.


When I was growing up, my biggest fears were little dogs, roller coasters, and death. Like most small children, I would always ask my parents, “What happens when we die?” The answer is never easy and the thought of life ending is rather terrifying, even as an adult. 390 more words

How to Feed Your Dog to Elevate Your Status as Pack Leader

One of the ways we can make sure our dogs understand who is the pack leader is to make sure you have a solid plan at feeding time, there are many benefits to this kind of training. 120 more words

Dog Training

Douche Citrus

What’s the worst thing about being a musician? It’s the vanity. The love of attention. The score keeping. I was up on stage the other night, and I don’t think of myself as a performer, entertainer or player. 285 more words

First glimpse at the game

Here we have it! The very first time we showed the gameplay in the sandbox enviroment. As you can see, there’s still A LOT to polish, but we’re working hard on the new level design! 42 more words


Why Like a post on Facebook and/ or Favourite a Tweet?

Like a lot of people in the world nowadays, I have been hooked on Facebook and Twitter for many years. I can catch up on the news on these sites much quicker than on the radio, newspapers and TV, and I can do it on the fly. 806 more words