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Just A Bikini Top

the other day i finaly got out in a bikini top, with nothing covering it up. and it’s not like it’s inconspicuous. it’s bright pink for crying out loud. 365 more words


The Startling Conclusion.

I’ve finally gotten somewhere. Hell, I’ve even got some new meds that might help me sleep for once. And so far, they might be working! … 321 more words


Use Every Minutes

There is one thing about me that I think this is the right time to say it out.
I learnt that if you miss a minute, you can’t get it back and this is what I do! 57 more words

Nothing Like A Light Skirt On A Summer Day!

i really should see if my love would follow me around and take some pictures of me outside barefoot. i don’t really do it all that much, and would love to get some up. 425 more words


Nutjobs In Safe Spaces

Sometimes you’ve seen some shit, sometimes you just need to get away from the crazy you keep running into every day outside of these places. … 108 more words


The Little Red Book.

I’ve been dumping a lot here, cause it happens to be therapeutic for me too. But one thing I’ve been doing is keeping myself a little red book for all my darker thoughts. 194 more words

General Health

Getting A New Piercing!

Finally got my next piercing. It’s a vertical bindi piercing, and I love it oh so much!

It’s nice to be out of a place that has two people berating me about every choice I make no matter what it is. 81 more words