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My Reasons For Barefooting.

Well. I jumped into the deep end of the pool really quick. It wasn’t painless though, and I’m not quite to that point yet.

I was actually looking for posturing tips, so I could work on a more feminine posture overall. 441 more words


Seeking Out The Grass!

My fiancé and I were out the other day. She wanted to go back to her old college for her own reasons.

I however saw the chance to get some time with earth under my feet while we were there. 136 more words


Dark Waters. Excerpt From My Journal

Warning, if you’ve suffered abuse in your own life, you may want to skip this post.

As noted, it’s an excerpt from my journal. These entries are often dark, but they are more hopeful than one might notice at first glance. 961 more words


Beating The Heat!

I think I might have ran into the first actual danger of barefooting. And the main reason it’s a danger is because of my tender feet from wearing shoes most of my life. 147 more words


When Things Work Together

it’s beautiful when they do. in fact it’s downright amazing. and right now, with the latest firmware for my first gen nexus 7, it has decided to co-operate with my apple keyboard. 190 more words


Finally Got My Tag!

I’ve been waiting for the chance to get a tag for my collar! And my love finally got me one!

We went to pet smart to get it, and they had this one in stock this time. 58 more words


Waking Up Barefoot

Yeah yeah, I already got dressed. But it is nice to know how much easier it is when I don’t have to worry about shoes! No, really, I’m in the process of never wanting to put them on ever again. 86 more words