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Being a mom is the very best job

I just wanted to write down a small vent. 

Many times I have been reading through a cute blog about what it’s like to be a stay at home mom or a first time mom. 567 more words


Deep Thoughts: The Point of Vacations

I read a poll once on the subject of how people experience their vacations; it showed that people enjoy them most when they are looking forward to them… 943 more words



Just lock yourself in your room and make the teenager take care of the toddler.  This was effective until the toddler took all the wipes and threw them on the floor along with her cereal. 198 more words


Encouragement for the mom at home

I have been wanting to write a post for moms who stay at home, but haven’t yet because I don’t want it to be guilt-inducing to those moms who don’t stay at home. 1,046 more words


Stay-at-home-mom vs Working Mom

Being a Stay-at-home-mom has it’s benefits. You get to watch your baby grow and play with them. You can take naps, and wear your pj’s all day long. 55 more words

New Recipe Every Week - #1: Taco Salad

I’ve decided I need to liven things up a little in the kitchen. Like everyone I talk to, our family has fallen into a food rut. 215 more words


Weigh in!

Last week:

This week!

Moving in the right direction. My nephews and niece came to spend the day with us on short notice yesterday so I got nothing done that I had planned, but that’s ok. 333 more words