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Life is about Kicking Ass, not kissing it

For the last couple of years, life as almost literally been kicking me and my loved ones right in the tushie. From deaths, miscarriages and deportation, we just haven’t had much luck. 491 more words


Planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries).

Apologies for the break in communication, it’s been busy month.

We braved the trip to the UK for Christmas. The visit itself was wonderful. Family, food and food. 968 more words


At home Mum on the rocks

This was an email I sent to my Mum in Espana:

Dear Mum,

…………Talking of birthdays, there has been no improvement between me and hubby. He is refusing to apologise and I am refusing to let it go so we are now in stalemate, co-existing under the same roof but not communicating unless absolutely necessary – it is hideous. 502 more words


Afternoon Tea at Maison de Bov!

Yesterday an extra little 5 minutes turned something very ordinary and routine into something that little bit extra-ordinary and special.

A little background info first though. 536 more words

Family Life

Memo to my Boss (Issue with working conditions)

Dear Sir,

I am writing this somewhat reluctantly, but after verbal attempts to negotiate broke down without resolution, I am left with little choice. I have been in your employment for over 18 months now, and whilst I enjoy my post immensely, a few changes to my contract are required in order for me to attain some work / life balance. 1,360 more words


You go girl!

Hi there. I’m a little nervous about writing this post as I so desperately want it to come across in the right way. I want it to be an encouragement to someone out there. 578 more words

Family Life

The Woman Who Failed

 By Rebbecca Devitt

Psalm 119:71 says, ‘It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.’

This has been the blessed story of my life. 1,925 more words