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Taking Stock

Although we got off to a shaky start, I whipped around the house ten minutes before we had to leave, found an acceptable lady beetle outfit, snapped a quick photo because: Supermum Of The Year, then crammed the kids in the car and left. 1,287 more words


I'm a stay at home Mum.. There, I've said it!

Let me paint you a picture… Pre baby, I loved my job! I had a rewarding, challenging and fruitful corporate job. I genuinely enjoyed getting up for work, styling my outfit each morning and doing what I loved. 626 more words

Returning To Work


I think I’ll begin with a brief summary of my story.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome back in September 2009. It was a long time coming. 408 more words



All our stuff came today.
Couch, cot, fridge, bed, desk, files, kitchenware, bike and washing machine (YAY).

I’d sort of resigned myself to the fact that we might not ever see that stuff again, apart from the washing machine which I genuinely love, and it wasn’t a big deal. 88 more words

Grown Ups.

Cooking up a storm with mum when she fullfills her role as a stay at home mum; TAKE 2.


(Please take the above picture with a pinch of salt, I did not plan on cooking or baking my daughter, have a sense of humour) 804 more words

One possible reason why neither SAHM nor daycare exist in Tanzania

People ask me about making friends all the time and I say that it’s hard to do. We’re not in a village where I can make friends by collecting water with other women as we watch our children together. 523 more words

Written By Tamie

From full time working mum to housewife (that detests the UK Government)

I’m currently really irate and agitated at the government in the UK. Moral of the story is that after considerable deliberation, hours of financial calculations in regards to what help you can claim from the government as opposed to my current salary and the ridiculous growing costs of childcare I have made the decision to leave my full time job and return to being a stay at home mum. 769 more words