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Sigh, no more.

A few weeks ago I was in a rut. I wasn’t sure I could keep doing this whole Stay At Home Mum thing because guys, here’s the thing: being at home, full time, with two small children, is really, really hard. 1,208 more words


Moving on from my regrets and finding happiness

Warning – this is a very self-indulgent post full of waffle. I apologise.

I have had to make some difficult choices in life but moving to Jersey wasn’t one of them. 870 more words

What ever will you do with all that time?

DO NOT ask that question unless you want an answer. If you are a stay at home parent with your youngest just starting full time education you will have been asked that one a lot, I have decided to write about it and to tell people “read the blog” I have been asked so often ;) 1,102 more words


As per usual, I say that I’m going to start doing something and life just gets in the way! It has been a pretty chaotic around here with work and my 15 month old monster. 37 more words

Stay At Home Mum

An impossible choice

I am returning to work one day (two occasionally) per week.  Yesterday morning while I crawled through 24 miles of traffic on route to work for my first day back I had plenty of time to think.  227 more words

The not so mumsy mummy

Some are born with the Mumsy gene, others are not & I, most definitely, was not. Yet here I find myself, a 35 year old stay at home yummy mummy wannabe. 85 more words


10 Things I've Learned from Motherhood

I may still be very new to motherhood, but I’m learning everyday. Here are some of those things I’ve learned over the last 7+ weeks: 294 more words