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Muuuuummmm! I'm hungry!

Children can be hungry little beggars! As in hungry now…right now! Not in half an hour when you have had time to prepare something. Now! … 683 more words

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Deck the Halls!

I love Christmas, not just the perfect excuse to have port in the cupboard and a mince-pie moment everyday .. at least once, but all the pieces of December that make the run up to Christmas so exciting. 505 more words

"So when are you going back to work?"

Before we ever had kids, my husband and I would often discuss how we pictured things would be. Obviously, money worries played a part and my practical husband would express his concerns about how we could manage on only one salary. 786 more words


Jam Making Tutorial

Jam is a lovely handmade gift to give as a Thank You, it is also great to make a big batch when fruits are cheap as it will last ages in the cupboard if bottled correctly. 728 more words

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Making in the kitchen

There are many ways you can save on your grocery bill.  I go through fits and bursts of meal planning, only buying what we need for that week or buying in bulk, all of which can save you money if done with some forward planning. 659 more words

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The Round Robin Rant

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Christmas cards that pop through the letter box with the additional extras, and no, I don’t mean cheques for hundreds of pounds – although that would be very nice thank you if any millionaires are reading this – I mean the Round Robin letter. 844 more words

Shush little baby

Shush little baby, if only it was that easy!

This post was requested by my wonderful sister how has just recently become the Mumma to two amazingly perfect little bubbas.   796 more words

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