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Equality, what's that?

Raise your hand if you are for equality in the work place. I’d venture to guess that every person reading this post put their hand in the air (or at least thought about raising their hand). 412 more words

Taking the Kids out to Eat (aka Why do I Continue to do this to Myself?)

One evening last week, the weather was nice (finally) and the wife had the seemingly excellent suggestion for the six of us to go out to eat and then go to the park afterwards. 872 more words


Is Stay-at-Home Parenting a Job?

You’re one person against one or more tiny people all dependent on you. While your significant other earns the family income by heading to work every day, you are feeding, changing, cleaning house (or trying), cooking, playing, shopping, washing dishes, and somehow, finding time to eat for yourself. 610 more words


Adventures of Super Trans Dad!

This is a wild ride so please keep buckled up and be advised upon reading this amusement blog readers may experience the following emotions…happiness, extreme laughter, tears of both sadness and joy, empathy and sympathy and a range of others. 69 more words


First off I would like to thank everyone who has been reading the blog so far. The support has been overwhelming and it helps keep me motivated to keep on blogging. 431 more words

An Often Overlooked Solution

Social networks are ablaze with conversation revolving around “Common Core Curriculum” especially since testing took place yesterday. My goal is not to negotiate the pros and cons of the newest canned educational format but rather to talk about parents following their instincts. 1,138 more words