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The Top 20 Reasons it Took Me So Long

Took me so long to do what you ask? Just about everything.

I’ll admit it, sometimes even I’m bewildered by how little it seems I’ve accomplished during the day when my husband gets home from work and I’m reciting my account. 550 more words


Motivational Monday

Growing up some people dream of being businessmen, or writers, or architects or painters. I wanted to deliver mail. We were created differently, have different attributes, qualities, flaws and talents. 289 more words


The power went out one afternoon during last week’s extreme cold and I was amazed by all I was still able to accomplish …

with my phone. 523 more words

First Weekend 2015

Nate had this weekend off, a first since the middle of November. It was really nice to have him home and not be on my own all day. 483 more words


Portraits of Parenthood

I know a mother who carried her three-year-old daughter an entire mile on a trail hike because they didn’t sleep together the night before and “she needed the physical closeness”.   296 more words

Top 10 Wildlife Photos of 2014

Keeping it light and easy at year-end, this is the BPS Top Ten.

Waxing nostalgic on my 2014 in the great outdoors:

These shots are in chronological order but if I had to pick my favorite it would be Mother Loon.   206 more words