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Talk to Your Kids About Poop (Before It's Too Late)

My four-year-old son likes to talk about Poop. He realizes it is a word of great power. If he tells a story, Poop will be an important subplot, maybe even an underlying theme. 511 more words

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Pot Pie of Despair

Chicken, kale, sage and butternut squash with a shiny, flaky crust baked on top.  Warm, filling, healthy, satisfying, autumnal, agony.

As a beloved reader of BPS you know that I’m just waiting for the day when we consume all the calories and nutrients we need in a pill and get on with our lives.   526 more words

Oops I did it again!

Last weekend I did it again.  I was asked the basic question ‘what do you do?’ by an acquaintance, and I did not give a basic answer. 300 more words



Did she get enough to eat?  If she didn’t get enough dinner she’ll be hungry and up all night to nurse.  How can I get her to eat more now?   361 more words

Parallelogram: November 2nd |

Our parallels widen with every drop in temperature but some things remain the same.

Parallelogram: November 2nd |.


The social media world of parents, stay-at-home moms in particular is blowing up after President Obama’s speech in Providence, Rhode Island on 10/13/14.

During his speech, Obama was going about about the need for better childcare and his main solution was high quality childcare for children, but not wanting Americans, mainly women making the choice to stay home. 203 more words



Sometimes I take pictures of intimate moments and if the picture is good, I’ll approach the subjects and show them.  Once the violation is absorbed they might ask for a copy. 392 more words