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18 words you only need to hear once

Every stay-at-home parent of small children deserves to hear the words I heard this weekend after leaving all three BUBs with their amazing Dad while I went grocery shopping. 348 more words


Avoid Awkward Silence as an At-Home Parent: Six Ways to Develop Early Vocabulary Skills

Me: Hey Avery, are you hungry?

Avery: ……..

Me: Okaaayyyy, how about we try walking?

Avery: …….

Me: What’s wrong, did you poop?

Avery: ………

855 more words

Talk to Your Kids About Poop (Before It's Too Late)

My four-year-old son likes to talk about Poop. He realizes it is a word of great power. If he tells a story, Poop will be an important subplot, maybe even an underlying theme. 511 more words

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Pot Pie of Despair

Chicken, kale, sage and butternut squash with a shiny, flaky crust baked on top.  Warm, filling, healthy, satisfying, autumnal, agony.

As a beloved reader of BPS you know that I’m just waiting for the day when we consume all the calories and nutrients we need in a pill and get on with our lives.   526 more words

Oops I did it again!

Last weekend I did it again.  I was asked the basic question ‘what do you do?’ by an acquaintance, and I did not give a basic answer. 300 more words



Did she get enough to eat?  If she didn’t get enough dinner she’ll be hungry and up all night to nurse.  How can I get her to eat more now?   361 more words