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When love has turned into tolerance …

Many couples seemed to have found the recipe for a happy relationship. However, that moment will come when both partners start wondering whether that is really true. 445 more words


Is this the worst love advice ever?

Firstly I completely agree with what Kate has written in the below article thus the re-post. Enjoy!

Written by Kate Kridkis and reposted from Stuff.co.nz… 1,043 more words

What Happens When the Love Stops in Polyamory (Breaking Up)

In ethical polyamory, our relationships are ideally built on honesty, communication, mutual respect, and agreements. So why are these values often lost to fate, immaturity, wanderlust, or just plain ole dysfunction during a break up? 704 more words

For the Birds

Sitting in the morning sun, our cat was looking for breakfast.  She waited, busying herself with the daily grooming ritual:  lick paw, rub face, repeat.  Suddenly, she froze, mid-lick, as into her peripheral vision flew a plump little robin, landing on the grass.  261 more words

Life 101