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Over the holidays, you can serve our less fortunate friends by providing them with toiletries, food, and winter clothing to bring some warmth in their life. 176 more words

Serve The City

Hugo Weaving Promotes The Mule in Melbourne

I’ll probably be posting a series of short entries over the next couple of days as Hugo Weaving begins his stint helping with the promotion of his new film The Mule, which will have a special screening in Melbourne tonight, followed by another in Sydney tomorrow. 970 more words

Hugo Weaving

Cleary: Professionalism & Blogs

Yvonne, Cleary. “Discussions About the Technical Communication Profession: Perspectives from the Blogosphere.” Technical Communication 59, no. 1 (2012): 8-28.

Yvonne Cleary mines the blogosphere for Technical Communication authors and their blogs to analyze their content and how this relates to the professionalism of Technical Communication. 223 more words


What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again...

We’ve had torrential rain here for the last few days, but things are starting to look positive. There’s even some sunshine on the weather map for tomorrow :-) 960 more words


Core Competencies: The Essence of Technical Communication

Hayhoe, George F., “Core Competencies: The Essence of Technical Communication.” Technical Communication 49(2002): 396-398.

Editor of Technical Communication, Hayhoe asks how technical communication defines it core competencies such as creating and managing knowledge, designing information that readers need, communicating fluently in various media, and being part of a living community.

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My next project...

This week has been so hectic. On Monday, I was hoping to be able to go running, but I ended up having to get my phone fixed, which took a lot longer than I had hoped. 1,026 more words


Comunicado #AyotzinapaSomosTodos

Queremos expresar nuestro más profundo sentir, rabia, dolor, indignación, angustia, desconsuelo, pero también solidaridad, empatía y compromiso con las familias y compañeros de los normalistas de la… 99 more words

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