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Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - Ultimate Edition for PS4

I only really got an idea of this game when the sequel was announced as, happily enough, a Wii U exclusive. Well, now I’m even… 346 more words



If you were to be killed by an unknown assailant in a brutal manner, do you imagine you would get the chance to exact revenge even after you were dead? 430 more words


What Is The Stealth Genre?

Separating and scrutinising the unseen

What people will notice if they do a search under “stealth games” is that there are no defined sub-genres for stealth. 1,121 more words


Metal Gear Solid VS Mark Of The Ninja. Alt Title- stop giving me stuff you don't want me to use!

Something that always bugged me about the MGS games is that, for a game that is ultimately against violence, they do their best to make it look cool and effective. 313 more words