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Thief Review

A single-player/multiplayer action stealth game for the PS3, Xbox360, PS4, XboxOne consoles & PC. Thief is a revamp of the classic game series with the same name and is set in a fantasy world that darkly mirrors the Victorian era. 269 more words

Stealth Games

Thief Review

Destined to bring new life into an old franchise, Thief fails to bring life to anything.

The main problem with Thief, is that it lacks polish… 1,038 more words

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Reality Check - Knocking People Out?

In video games – well, the stealthy ones – you often have a non-lethal option where you can safely put some pesky guard to sleep for hours. 32 more words

Creeping In The Shadows: Thoughts on "Thief"

(Note from the author: The copy of Thief that I played for this review was developed for Xbox 360–it’s only fair to take that into consideration while reading.) 1,145 more words

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Assasin's Ghost.....oh wait no, Playstation exclusive THIEF, releases launch trailer!

All joking aside, this game looks pretty incredible.  While I don’t have a PS4 just yet, I am planning on making the jump in a few weeks when I get my tax return.   111 more words

AI partners, stealth problems, subpar shooting, and ludonarrative interference in The Last of Us

Why is it that, in The Last of Us, enemies can walk through Ellie’s crouching character model without noticing her or Joel?

Because video games. 2,007 more words