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Dutch politician Geert Wilders to face prosecution for "inciting racial hatred"

It won’t be the first time he faces a court on “hate speech” charges.

See our recent posts (here and here) on the courageous Wilders as he calls for a limit on Muslim immigration to the West. 312 more words

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German anti-Muslim demonstrations drew 15,000 yesterday (up from 10,000 last week)

The demonstrators are “dangerous” because they are not right wing nuts!

Lutz Hagen, a professor at Dresden’s Technical University, said it was wrong to write off all PEGIDA supporters as far-right nuts. 537 more words

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Australia: More problems with their Muslim refugees as two Somali girls go to Syria

Just two days ago (a day before the hostage taking that is still on-going as of this writing) Australians learned that two more Muslim young women, wannabe jihadi brides successfully left Australia to join ISIS.  425 more words

Muslim Refugees

Breaking news Australia: Hostages believed to be held by Islamic terrorists, possibly ISIS

Update December 15th (10:26 a.m. Eastern):  Gunman is identified as an Iranian “refugee”, here.

Update December 15th (4:35 a.m. Eastern):  NBC News has the latest: some hostages run from shop, fuzzy image of gunman clearly a Muslim, … 188 more words

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Canada may take Syrian refugee minorities as a first priority over Muslims

Update December 17th:  I love it! Leftists are screaming bloody murder over Canada’s conservative government’s possible choice of Christian and other minority Syrians OVER Muslim refugees for resettlement, … 474 more words

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Here they come! State Department announces that 9,000 Syrians are on the way to the US

Update December 12th:  There are two other news accounts of this story you should see.  First, at Investor’s Business Daily: “US Vetting 9,000 Syrian Refugees To Weed Out Jihadists Before Granting Asylum.”  And, at… 695 more words

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Alaska gets first mosque; refugees helping fuel diversity boom in Anchorage

In the Modern Day Trojan Horse:  Al-Hijra the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration authors Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi explain that migration is jihad… 453 more words

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