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Aurora, CO: (another) whiny story, this time about Somali girls who wanted to join ISIS

Are you as sick to death of stories like this one as I am where we hear about disenfranchised Somali youths who have to be saved from leaving the good life in America to join Jihadists somewhere in the world. 414 more words

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UK will NOT join EU in plan to rescue migrants in Mediterranean Sea

‘Invasion of Europe’ news…..

They say that Italy’s huge effort (soon to end) to rescue the ‘boat people’ illegal migrants trying to reach Europe from North Africa has created a “pull factor.”  No kidding! 348 more words

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Kentucky: Convicted Iraqi refugee terrorist wants chance to withdraw guilty plea

Longtime readers may remember the case of two Iraqi refugees resettled in Senator Rand Paul’s hometown of Bowling Green (see our extensive coverage of the diversity jungle created by resettlement contractors that is B.G. 354 more words

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Number of "Islamic extremists" grows in Germany

And, gee I wonder out of what population they are springing?

See our two recent posts on Germany here and here about the country being swamped by Muslim migrants. 242 more words

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Somali example of why federal 'countering violent extremism' theory is all wet (and dangerous)

One of the country’s preeminent experts on the Islamist agenda in America, Patrick Poole, in a recent PJ Media post tells us why the federal “lone wolf” extremist concept is bogus and highlights a case he was personally familiar with involving Somali… 579 more words

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In Berlin, "Ich heisse Mohammed"

Invasion of Europe continues…..

Yesterday we told you about Munich (Bavaria) in the south of Germany and today there is news about ‘refugee’-swamped Berlin.

This news from… 417 more words

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Canada: Humanitarian groups ask government to immediately allow 10,000 Syrian refugees to settle there

Pretty rotten timing for this demand wouldn’t you say?

Just what Canada needs right now—to welcome 10,000 Muslims in at this time.  Granted the Islamic killers Canada has had to deal with over the last week are “home grown,”  I’m thinking the average Canadian citizen is fed up with everything ‘Islam’ and is saying WTH to this latest from the humanitarian industrial complex. 212 more words

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