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Will wonders never cease! Washington Post report on Germany admits Muslims aren't assimilating

This is an article the Washington Post ran last Saturday that I am just getting around to mentioning.  I didn’t even read it for a couple of days figuring it would be the usual mainstream media slam of “rightwingers” and “Islamophobes,” but check this out.  381 more words

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China doesn't mess around with Islamic terrorists...

….they just execute them.

From JewsNews (hat tip:  Judy):

The Chinese government recently executed eight Uighur Muslims for terrorism, and planning a major terrorist attack. We read from a Chinese report: 120 more words

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Andy McCarthy in defense of Gov. Bobby Jindal's remarks about European no-go zones

Former US Attorney, author and expert on Islam, Andy McCarthy on Saturday praised Louisiana Gov. Jindal for his remarks during a speech in the UK recently.  245 more words

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Iconic British pubs go the way of the Dodo bird as Somali neighborhoods grow

More evidence of the changing demographics of Europe as the ‘Invasion of Europe’ continues….

From the Telegraph:

Pubs are closing as a result of Somali immigrants arriving in Britain, a Government minister has said. 132 more words

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Detroit Muslim woman sues police department over removal of hijab during arrest

We’ve been reading for years about the quiet jihad creeping into Europe, but as America increases its Muslim population, we will be hearing more and more about cases like this one from Detroit. 304 more words

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Construction of new mosque in Twin Falls, ID the result of Muslim refugee influx

Throughout America mosque construction is underway due to the ever-expanding population of Muslim refugees that the US State Department is tucking away in the most unlikely places.  519 more words

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Denmark: How its Muslim immigrants are destroying the country (economically and culturally)

This is an indepth article at the Gatestone Institute which has been doing a lot of reporting on the Muslim immigration crisis gripping Europe.

This is one more in our… 515 more words

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