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Steam Greenlight titles that look pretty spiffy

Do you ever vote for new titles through Steam’s Greenlight section? I don’t do it nearly as much as I mean to but I wandered over there tonight and found a few I had to vote “Yes” to and thought I’d see what you guys think of them. 399 more words

PC 게임 시장 vs 모바일 게임 시장

많은 독립 게임 개발사들은 자사의 차기작 개발을 위해 두 가지 성공 가능한 시장을 놓고 고민에 빠져 있습니다. 모바일 게임 시장과 디지털 유통을 사용한 PC 게임 시장이 바로 그 두 시장인데 어느 한 시장에서 성공을 했다고 해서 다른 시장에서도 성공을 하리라는 보장이 없다는 것이 게임 개발사들의 고민을 더 깊게 만드는 것 같습니다.     49 more words

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Skara, Shiney Pre-Alpha Preview

Skara: The Blade Remains is a game given the go ahead by the community on Steam Greenlight.  One of many worthy candidates for support, Skara attmepts to step in where many mainstream companies leave off.   1,436 more words

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By Your Powers Combined, I am Indie Team Up!

Since Captain Planet can’t help us anymore, it is up to us to fend for ourselves in this crazy world.  But none of us have powers as strong as Captain Planet’s, even if Independent Game Developers are capable of some pretty cool things on their own.   2,706 more words

Indie Games

Concursion, Genre-Fusion Salad

I imagine the discussion at Puuba Games when this game was thought up went like this:

“We want to make a game, and have decided it will be a platformer, now Bill…”

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Too Many Games 2014: Default Dan and Kikiwik Games

We are back from Too Many Games 2014, and we had a absolute blast getting a chance to take in all the show had to offer. 135 more words