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Lindsey Stirling Rocks it Steampunk Style in her New Video

Lindsey Stirling is my favorite artist to listen to while I am working on my Steampunk-inspired novel, and she just came out with a new (and totally amaze-balls) “Steam Western” video a few days ago. Sit back and enjoy!


The Recruiting Matter - Chapter 32 - Millicent and Jason Sign an Agreement

A new chapter in the The Recruiting Matter is available – Chapter 32 – Millicent and Jason Sign an Agreement – Millicent and her group finish up at the house. 337 more words

Science Fiction

Tips for Makers: You Can Fake it When you Make it Part 2, "Foam is Your Friend"

During the “Creating with Quicksilver” session, the Doctor couldn’t say enough good things about a material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam. My only experience with it has been with bedrolls and yoga mats, but he demonstrated several ways to use it when you are constructing costumes. 359 more words


The Dreaded Cat Knocker

This is wasted, sat under the stairs of a decayed blue blood when it should be on the door, outwordly welcoming, inwardly, who knows?


Tips for Makers: You Can Fake it When You Make it Part 1, "Gathering Resources"

I hope you have been enjoying my Tips for Makers series based on the sessions at the Weekend at the Asylum festival so far. “Taming Metal” parts… 789 more words


Spiritualism: a Haunting Pastime

Whenever I explain Steampunk to the uninitiated I always find that I have to say, “oh yeah, and also…” at least 4 times to try to encompass everything the genre/aesthetic can cover. 512 more words


Airborne At Last

If any of you remember the short stories I was posting on here about Manfred Pennygigg and his faithful manservant, you will remember that we left them in dire straights, trying to come up with a defense against airborne attack from elven dragonriders. 857 more words

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