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Slam Junk! Desura Review

Slam Junk! is a short power armor clad, third person, hack and slash platforming adventure. The power armor gives your character Drew (no last name) all the abilities you could want in a game like this. 1,124 more words

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How to Punk your Steam Part 1: Make it Futuristic

The deeper I delve into this genre, the more I find to love. There is such a variety of things to see, wear and do, and so many different ways that people have found to be creative within the aesthetic. 1,170 more words


The Boiler Room 1

Welcome to the Boiler Room! This is a place for all things Steampunk. I am newer to the world of Steampunk though I have enjoyed it, unknowingly, for some time. 469 more words


Etiquette & Espionage

Sent to an unlikely finishing school by her exasperated family, Sophronia is now learning the art of etiquette combined with the skills of Espionage in the midst of a battle with Flywaymen in hot air balloons over a prototype. 103 more words


The Albert Memorial

People spend a lot of their time focusing on Queen Victoria, but the Prince Consort Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel (but just Prince Albert for short) was also an incredibly influential figure in shaping the city of London. 291 more words


Steampunk Book Review: Letters Between Gentlemen

Sometimes, Steampunk books are serious challenges to the ideals of the Victorian age and tread on the dark side, and other times they are silly fun. 239 more words