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The Recruiting Matter - Mission to Save Eleanor - Michael - in the sewer under Smith's House

A new entry in the Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor.  Michael helped place the drill to go through the wall.  He could see what was going on in the room  - good and bad.   361 more words

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Hendrick's Emporium of the Unusual

Hendrick’s Emporium of the Unusual

“…curiosities for the mind and the palate…”

Hendricks put on a fantastic gin tasting event in Silverlake, CA. And I do mean fantastic in the literal sense. 36 more words


Hay's Gallery and "The Navigators"

The Tower Bridge is worth visiting all on its own, but when I spent a day exploring the area I also found some other great things to tickle your Steampunk fancy. 212 more words


Compare ideas and concepts: Steam Punk weapons research

This will contain steam punk weapons that I found interesting and might help me to my final project.


I’m mostly interesting in steam punk rifles since they look absolutely  beautiful and how they are all designed. 20 more words

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The Recruiting Matter - Mission to Save Eleanor - Jason in Back of Smith's House

A new entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Jason, in the back of Smith’s house, receives the signal to start causing a distraction. 468 more words

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Steampunk User's Manual Release

Jeff VanderMeer is a heavy-hitter on the Steampunk book scene, and, along with co-author Desirina Boskovich, he released a new book in October entitled The Steampunk User’s Manual: An Illustrated Practical and Whimsical Guide to Creating Retro-futurist Dreams.  198 more words


The London Museum of Water and Steam

This is my pick for the best place on my entire Steam Tour to take your littlest Steampunks. There are fun, hands-on exhibits about the water cycle and great info about the history of harnessing the Thames and combatting the Cholera outbreaks through London’s history. 374 more words