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Episode 35 - Me, Myself and I


Episode 35 – Me, Myself and I

Borderlands Pre-Sequel impressions, indie developers blowing up on Twitter and a day one 20GB patch for The Master Chief Collection. 34 more words


Fist of Jesus brawler brings epic gaming to biblical proportions

It’s probably historically inaccurate, at least. Recording of events back then was pretty hit-or-miss. A #hilarious gore beat’em up classic style #arcade game with # 178 more words

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The Danger of "Hatred:" A resurgence in ultra violent videogames in a period of "Tranquility" is NOT a great idea

Last night I saw a trailer on youtube from an Indie Developer called Destructive Creations delivering their latest creation “Hatred” on PC and I felt flabbergasted. 316 more words


Utmost Spookiest Review: The Last Door

With October here, I’ve decided to devote myself for the month to playing through a list of horror games I’ve been meaning to play but haven’t gotten around to yet. 989 more words

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Call of Juarez Gunslinger: six-shooters galore and the wild west frontier.

(Disclaimer: This review was written earlier during the summer of 2014 – thus the dates and day(s) mentioned may seem a bit off. Happy reading folks!) 689 more words