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#DAC2015 VG vs Newbee

VG playing at the moment

— pp (@otakurean) January 29, 2015

VG vs Newbee 8:3 .. go VG!

— pp (@otakurean) January 29, 2015

Newbee mid t1 down !

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Aliens are fun. I like movies about aliens. I like games about aliens. There‚Äôs something about them that ignites my imagination like nothing else. And aside from… 1,180 more words


Full STEAM Ahead Jan. 28, 2015

Tonight we concentrated on art! We looked at Matisse’s cut-outs and made some of our own based on his style.

To see all of our artwork, click here.

Children's Program

Steam Talk

Hey guys! chiefstar here with a not-talk about Clash. Instead, I will chat about Steam. I knew I had to talk about Steam sometime soon so here it is. 99 more words



Today’s game is called samurai_jazz. No caps, and an underscore instead of a space. I think that’s meant to be a joke, because the game has 8-bit graphics. 1,320 more words

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Just a Moment with Deadlight (PC)

The 1980s were a much simpler time; no cell phones, no internet, and a whole crap-load of things that clearly aren’t zombies trying to eat you.

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