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Fight The Future: Physical Copies are Better Than Digital Downloads

Digital distribution may be the way of the future but Victor would rather cling to the past.


Battlenet Prices – The Ugly Mole on Blizzard’s Otherwise Pristine Bum

This morning I just bought the Diablo III expansion: Reaper of Souls, for £32.99 and that decision is fucking killing me.

… It’s not because it’s a bad game by the way. 678 more words


Chromecast: £30 Well Spent

This week I finally got myself a Chromecast. I’ve wanted one of these since they came out in America back in July, took long enough for them to make it over the pond. 645 more words

Steam Hesabı Olanlar Orbitalis'e Erken Erişim Hakkına Sahip Olabilecek




Bağımsız yapımcılar tarafından oluşturulan similasyon oyunları bu günlerde olduça gündemde. Bu oyunlar arasında yer alan, bağımsız yapımcılar tarafından üretilen Orbitalis bir orbital gravity similasyon oyunu. 84 more words


Rye, sesame, caraway and sunflower seed bread

I adapted this recipe from the bbc website  here. It’s risen freeform as I don’t yet have a banneton and the dough itself is quite firm. 449 more words