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十度良品 - 智能电饭盒 (Intelligent Time Control Electric Lunch Box 1.3L)

人工智能的新诠释,千万次程序测试的结晶。预好粥,温饭菜,定炖汤。电饭盒微智能,都做到! 不一样的时段,不一样的精彩。


欢迎向我们询问最新产品Intelligent Time Control Electric Lunch Box 1.3L !

It redefined artificial intelligence and a patience-tested product. You can now preset for porridge, warm dishes and soup cooking. 82 more words

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Steam Wars

After yesterday’s history lesson we’re sticking with the historical theme for this post, but at the other end of the Silliness Spectrum!

Star Wars and Steampunk are both pretty nerdy things, but combining the two is a whole new level of nerdidity*. 51 more words


[Wildstar] 7-Day Free Trial Wildstar (Free) via /r/GameDeals

7-Day Free Trial Wildstar (Free)

Link to the website for the free trial details:


For more information regarding the game, check out the subreddit: 21 more words

Drm Free

Game Review: Towerfall Ascension

This review was an unfinished draft destined for obscurity a month or two ago, but now Sony has announced that the game is free on Playstation Plus this month, so hello relevance! 1,344 more words


Killer Is Dead Review

Suda51 has become one of those popular, yet niche developers over the years. His games have a unique art direction to them. All blending the cel shaded look of an anime with the gritty, dreary look of 1940’s film noir. 1,829 more words


The Stanley Parable review

Galactic Cafe (Davey Wreden and William Pugh) have released something quite unique in the form of The Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable follows the life of, strangely enough, a character called Stanley whose life revolves around working in an office performing tasks in a robotic manner alongside his similarly robotic colleagues. 884 more words


Wooden Sen'SeY Review


It has been a couple of years since my baby brother has watched Higglytown Heroes, a Playhouse Disney kids show; however, I couldn’t help but be constantly reminded of it while playing Upper Byte’s… 785 more words