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So I am in an awful lot of pain, I have been for most of the week and I need to have my last wisdom extracted. 116 more words


My Steampunk Page

is finally updated!

More still to come but a better reference indeed!



The Adventures of Alan Shaw: e-release!

Hi everyone.

It is with great pleasure that I have come to inform you that my new novel, The Adventures of Alan Shaw, is available as an ebook. 65 more words

Comic Books, Smoke and Elevators

I was stuck in an elevator this morning.

Well… not actually this morning… It was about forty-years ago, but this morning just the same.

I planned on arriving at the Chrysler Building in NYC to meet a fellow traveler regarding an transmitter being installed at that location. 945 more words


Alan Shaw and the Brass Monkeys: Cover reveal!

The final installment of The Adventures of Alan Shaw Volume 1!

Alan takes his first letter of marque as a Privateer with the crew of… 103 more words

Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War Review: More Daring Adventures with Pneumatic Zeppelins

Romulus Buckle’s life would be any adrenaline junky’s dream except his adventures aren’t about getting his kicks (that’s a by-product). He is moved by loyalty, family and yes, a serious sense of adventure. 693 more words

Book Review

Alan Shaw and the Hand of Glory: Cover reveal!

The book’s fourth adventure finds Alan in Brighton where he meets his adopted brother and his new fiance. When they decide to visit a circus on the outskirts of town, they’re witness to a series of obscure events which sets off alarm bells for Alan. 46 more words