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The H-XIII Hissische Dreizehn Antipanzergewehr

Apparently I never shared this one with you, which sucks because I shoulda been on that, but rocks because now I have more content! Here’s a fun Blitzpunk/Steampunk heavy rifle I crafted, the H-XIII Hissische Dreizehn Antipanzergewehr, or, the Hessian Thirteen Anti-Tank Gun.

Details Matter

I love accessories, but don’t wear them too often. One of my “New Year’s Goals” was to put a bit more effort into my clothing, so I thought I might find a few signature pieces to help pull me together.  76 more words


Feromonic Field Detector Steampunk Alchemy Gothic Ring

Two-tone steampunk style ring in fine English pewter. Features a brass plate calibrated as a “gender gauge” and moveable pointer. The face and sides are formed in classic pseudo-industrial art deco, as if it were a miniature working instrument. 49 more words

The Marthyter 25

The lad convulses violently in pain as Shiloh sticks her tiny tweezers into the first bullet hole, and you lose feeling in your left arm almost immediately. 771 more words



So there’s this thing going on this week, a steampunk fest, where a bunch of steampunk authors are going to tempt you with their steampunk books. 726 more words