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Gorgeous Steampunk Jewelry and a Generous Offer From Denise Garner

I first ran across the gorgeous metalsmithing of Denise (Dee) Garner at this year’s MarsCon in MN. She had not only jewelry on offer, but also robot/porcelain figurine hybrids on display (though unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos in the Art Room at the Con.) Our paths did not cross in person but I left my contact information because I just had to feature her on this blog. 519 more words


The Cornish Expedition ~ Day 2 ~ the 23rd day of the month of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen.

The night passed without incident, thanks in part I am sure to the poor weather we experienced overnight. The rain had lashed down, battering at the shutters we had secured across all of the windows. 892 more words


Episode 16: Randomness with the Uncommon Geeks!

Today’s episode is… somewhat special!

Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon Geek sit down with one another to talk about things going on: such as preparation for the Steampunk Empire Symposium as well as the upcoming Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret. 118 more words


Clockpunk Anthropology

I’ve written before on this blog that one reason we have such a fascination with the Victorian era is that it was the birth-time of our modern world. 599 more words


Hi Voltage Generator Steampunk Ring

The steampunk “Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring – Unusual, early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy demands of Victorian hi-tech gadgets.” Industrial-looking wrapped copper wire pattern around the center, flanked by angular edging with mysterious degree markings and decorative bolts on the sides. 11 more words

Reminder: Free Copies of Rage of the Old Gods in Exchange for Reviews

As a reminder, I am still seeking reviews for the first book of my World Spectrum series, Rage of the Old Gods. I will provide one free to copy to anyone interested in reviewing the book on a blog or a popular social media profile. 229 more words


Vampires Suck

Twilight, the favourite fantasy of teenage girls everywhere, is not well understood in TLCB Towers. There are no cars (apart from the odd Volvo advertisement), little discernible acting talent present in the movies, and a there’s plot-hole* large enough to park a Steampunk Airship in. 94 more words