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Steel Magnolias on Eavesdroppers

People who do not admit to eavesdropping at restaurants are hypocrites. Hell, that’s half the reason I go. Mama always said, “eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves.” Well, I believe knowledge is power regardless of how it arrives. 258 more words


Steel Magnolias: A Lesson on Friendship


I’m the gypsy and you can call me Xta. Better yet, don’t call me at all because international charges are the equivalent of a spiffy new Birkin bag *pauses for laughter and takes a sip of water* 995 more words


Remakes, Really ?

So I wake up and like everyone else (come on admit it) I turned to my phone to check the time, email status and click Facebook. 794 more words

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Putting Away Christmas

Both rituals belong to me—decorating for Christmas, taking it all down again. Just as I took over the checkbook temporarily twenty-eight years ago and I’m still doing it, the Christmas tree by default is mine. 499 more words

Post 4: What urban southern cuisine tastes like when it's local with a rooftop view over downtown Valdosta!

In my opinion, local anything always tastes better! What more could you want from a dinner experience than a locally owned restaurant located in the downtown atmosphere where you can relax and have a rooftop view of the city? 406 more words

Fall 2014

Regarding 'Steel Magnolias' by Robert Harling


I just read this play for a theatre class paper, and I absolutely have to say something about it. 421 more words