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Adding some curb appeal ...Front and BACK

One great thing about living in a small town, in Kentucky, is that my neighbors have great trash!! :)

After all of the talk this weekend about the BIG “S” word (SNOW!!)  coming back through here, this week, I am longing for some beach, sunshine and good old warm temperatures. 383 more words

Mother's Garden

Mother’s Garden

She grew a garden
with each and every teardrop
Grand was the blossom -
But she was a great woman
wasted on a little man


Steel Magnolias Remake or Break?

Is it really necessary to remake a movie like “Steel Magnolias”? This is a movie that has been seen by almost everyone. It is an award winning classic that won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Drama Movie. 392 more words

Bad Hair Day

I’ve never had a bad hair day.

I’ve had a bad hair month, of course, and even a bad hair year.

My first bad hair year occurred when the new hairdresser ignored my plea to “only cut the split ends.” But you know that sound. 392 more words

Music Monday: Dolly Parton Appreciation Life

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.

Last week I was watching Steel Magnolias, and I decided that Dolly Parton is for sure one of my heroes.  221 more words


Would you rather...

Which would you rather have? 30 minutes of wonderful or a lifetime of nothing special?