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Post 4: What urban southern cuisine tastes like when it's local with a rooftop view over downtown Valdosta!

In my opinion, local anything always tastes better! What more could you want from a dinner experience than a locally owned restaurant located in the downtown atmosphere where you can relax and have a rooftop view of the city? 406 more words

Fall 2014

Regarding 'Steel Magnolias' by Robert Harling


I just read this play for a theatre class paper, and I absolutely have to say something about it. 421 more words


Laughter through tears

“Please don’t cry or I will too. I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.”

This is a great line from my all-time favorite movie “Steel Magnolias.” If you haven’t seen the movie (good grief, put this down and watch it now) it’s the story of six Southern women and the bonds they develop while going through life’s joys and heartaches. 1,155 more words

Moments That Matter

Steel Magnolias and Lady Cassandra

To quote the incomparable Truvy Jones (Ms. Dolly Parton) from Steel Magnolias:

“Oh Spud! I’m a chain!”

That’s right. Sam Sheppard I built another (virtual) shop for my bag-making enterprise. 146 more words


Crohns, Clinical Trials and Dallas Buyers Club

Films/books about illness always strike a chord with me, whether they’re fictional tales such as The Fault in Our Stars or based on true stories, like… 1,459 more words

Movie Night...25 years!

I know, I know….Sorry, I had to do this edition of movie night because I just saw on Facebook that today is the 25th anniversary of Steel Magnolias! 463 more words

5 Movies to Watch the Week of Your Wedding

Amidst all the craziness and, if you are like me, puking from a stomach flu, of the week leading up to your wedding, you think you won’t have time to watch 5 movies or any movies (or write a blog about movies). 859 more words