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Buzzards on the Steeple

This morning, when I drove up to the church, there were two buzzards perched atop the steeple.

My first thought was, “What’s dead?”

My second thought, which humored me, was, “I sure hope it ain’t the church!” 179 more words

Daily Verse & Prayer

Good Friday reflection

Captured this image of a steeple in Everett, WA. I love this because it’s not shiny, kind of old and weathered. Kind of like my own faith. 6 more words

St Andrews is the oldest catholic church in Old Oakville, steeped in history-built in 1840.

Have a great day~


Steeple top

1. Church in Highlands, NC
2. Nikon V1
3. Snapseed for editing


Rising High

the church of St. Jakob, Burghausen (Germany)


Our Chapel's New Steeple is Up and Looks Awesome!

The new steeple for our Chapel was erected today, restoring the Chapel to its original appearance in 1885. It’s an amazing feeling to look at the Chapel and see it looking as it appears in pre-1940′s photographs! 273 more words

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