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Oh, good. Well, shit, this is just fantastic! Just great. Ffff.

There is no such thing as “good”. Or, if there is good, it is based upon selfishness. Every person acts in their own interests, more or less. 552 more words


Stefan Molyneux on DeFOO-ing His Brother

I understand how this could lead to a lot of pain, but, so far, it doesn’t necessarily sound like cultish behavior. And it’s not that everyone is mandated to defoo. I’ll keep researching.

Turbo Boost

I once lived a life driven by coincidence. That is how i interpreted God speaking to me. If i saw the same theme repeated in my life three times or more, it was most certainly God speaking to me. 495 more words

Stefan Molyneux

You Deserve What You Pay For

One of Molyneux’s best:

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Did I rub you the wrong way or stroke you just right? Let me know below in the comments section or Email me at buelahman {AT} g m a i l {DOT} com… 179 more words


The Truth About Taxes

Something to help ease the pain on tax day…

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The Bundy Ranch – “The Government Owns Nothing And Controls Everything”

Press For Truth

April 13, 2014

Stefan Molyneux: The government is protecting the tortoises by exploding nuclear bombs over Nevada.