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Public Sector vs. Private Sector

But Wait, There Are A Few Differences Between Amazon and the US Postal Service


Another take on the matter:

Public Sector Beats Private Sector – Rebutted!


Government Fury

11 Questions Answered in 25 Minutes - Stefan Molyneux

You Need Government! Freedom is Slavery!


1. Why does the state do more harm than good?
2. If we all use the public things provided by government, aren’t we consenting to taxation? 155 more words

Quellin' The Fury

Stefan Molyneux's Secret Life as a Hot Babe Who Loves Stefan Molyneux

In the comments section to philosopher-douchebag Stefan Molyneux’s review of Frozen, a self-described “attractive young woman” posts a review of his hour-long review that is so effusively positive that it almost sounds like it was posted by the man himself. 289 more words



june 21

cant remember if i shared the vidya by my boy stefan molyneux and his in depth analysis of elliot rodger. molyneux is a controversial guy and i don’t always agree with him, but i respect him for being very smart, good speaker, often persuasive. 983 more words