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“Now I am discovering the world once more. England has widened my horizon”

-Stefan Zweig

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Mary Stuart through the eyes of Stefan Zweig

Reading Stefan Zweig’s Maria Stuart in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish independence seems fitting. And it’s always interesting to see British historical figures through foreign eyes. 164 more words

Biografías de Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig es uno de mis escritores favoritos, lo he descubierto hace bastante poco pero lo he leído bastante desde que empecé con él. En particular, sus biografías son muy buenas y bien documentadas. 462 more words

Die Welt von Gestern

“In my wanderings from agency to agency, imagining myself working in the various businesses, I had also gained an insight into the country’s wonderful freedom.  No one asked about my nationality, my religion, my origin, and what was more – an amazing thing to imagine in our modern world of fingerprints, visas and police permits – I had travelled without a passport.   38 more words



“The orange one sold last year at auction for more than $58 million.” On the inexplicable appeal of  Jeff Koons. (I still say Tony Hancock’s… 38 more words


3rd September 1939

From the closing pages of Stefan Zweig’s “The World of  Yesterday”:

It was a strange morning. We retreated in silence from the radio… I went into my room and packed my things in a small suitcase.

133 more words

Literature Travels

In a brief aside from osteoarchaeology, I thought I’d focus a quick entry on what I’ve been reading lately as I wait for my arm to heal.   720 more words