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Marie-Antoinette de Stefan Zweig: La vie d'une femme qui étais une reine


« On marie une enfant », le titre du premier chapitre de la biographie de Marie-Antoinette de l’écrivain autrichien Stefan Zweig (traduction de l’allemand par Alzir Hella) nous indique dès le début non un portrait scolastique d’une figure historique, mais le récit intime, lucide, d’une femme liée à un destin cruel. 659 more words

Stefan Zweig

the secret world of books

Rural England, where I live, is don’t get me wrong – very beautiful and tranquil.  You feel a strange connection with nature and the passing seasons, and I don’t want to live anywhere else right now. 449 more words

Fear, Shmear

So I finished Stefan Zweig’s “Fear” a few days ago and have little to say about the uneventful ride. It felt like a reality-TV version of Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” happy ending and hot-pot wife to boot. 65 more words


The Grand Budapest Hotel - Film Review

My urge to express my feelings regarding the film is the reason I sit at 1 in the morning, drafting this review. One would say I have no other task at hand, but you should most definitely consult my eyes on that matter who might narrate to you a completely different story. 454 more words


Reading as scree-running, reading as sex - Stefan Zweig's Journey into the Past

Walking and reading; walking and writing: the two binaries are trotted out with predictable regularity. Whether it’s the alert passivity of the flâneur, or the active self-absorption of the rambler, the act of self-propulsion seems deeply linked to the verbal. 1,881 more words


Grandly Idiosyncratic

It’s unusual for a movie released in the summer to have the legs necessary to pick up Oscar nominations in January. The last film to win Best Picture after being release before September was… 880 more words

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Need a Name for a Bar?

How perfect a name is “peccadillo” for a bar/restaurant?

Courtesy of Stefan Zweig’s “Fear.”