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Why Privacy Is Actually Thriving Online | Threat Level | WIRED

Why #Privacy Is Actually Thriving Online. Mentions social
#steganography, using slang to hide messages in plain sight



Location based authentication is a new direction in development of authentication techniques in the area of security. In this paper, the geographical position of user is an important attribute for authentication of user. 60 more words

Steganography stamps / complete – ISTD Submission

Here is the completed version of my ISTD Submission “Steganography Stamps” this video explains my project and how to decode my stamps.


Volga CTF 2014 - Stegano 200 Writeup

In this challenge they Provided a PNG Image (steg200.png). And After Observing it’s LSB pixels with Python PIL(Python Imaging Library) Module. I got a RAR File Header. 301 more words


How To Hide Your Files in image

To hide your files in image you must know some of commands of am windows command prompt and you must have a WinRAR.
Now lets see how to do….. 217 more words

Printer Steganography

Link to full size image

Did you know that most (all?) of the major printer manufacturers implemented a hardly noticeable water mark function which prints the encoded printer serial numbers and timestamps on each printout? 99 more words

Did You Know?

Steganography: A First Foray

There’s something satisfying about the thought of a message hidden in plain sight.  A puzzle whose very existence is the prize to find.  A maze with cheese at the end.  49 more words