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On a wall at the front entrance of Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia there is a carving of a Stegosaurus dinosaur along with other modern animals. The was built in 1191 A.D. 78 more words


Hold On To Your Dreams

I was having the most wonderful dream last night.  You were there for some reason, and we were riding dinosaurs.  The stegosaurus was just telling this joke, and I knew the punchline was going to be hilarious… when a loud jangling noise pulled me from my slumber. 696 more words

How the dinosaurs reacted to the meteorites

“What’s up with Bronto?”
“He saw a meteorite and thought the world was going to end.”
Kind of lame joke, but I enjoyed painting this very much. 93 more words


Land of the Lost

Thirty years later and I still draw dinosaurs the same…

Angkorian Times

July 6

In the restaurant yesterday, looking at the downpour washing through a back ally, a man shook his head sadly when Kate asked him about the weather for today. 391 more words

2014 June-July

On a Much Lighter Note

Enjoy this visual poem, animated by a man whose last name is Nezbit– which makes everything better, right?

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