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VTech Switch & Go Dinos Turbo Spur The Stegosaurus

Spur the Stegosaurus Switch & Go Dinos by VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Spur the Stegosaurus The plates across the back of Spur the Stegosaurus from Switch & Go Dinos Turbo by VTech don’t just look cool, they regulate his temperature and defend against surprise attacks. 201 more words

An Evolution of Sewing

I feel slightly guilty for the time I have let pass since my last post. I have several reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to laziness. 280 more words


Tuesday March 21st, 1989

Yesterday was so relaxing. Christian and I just took the day off and left everything in the hands of our very capable assistants. We took one of the gas powered Jeeps and just went for a drive around the island and spent several hours just watching the different species. 497 more words

Real animals that should be Pokémon – Fossil edition!

Among the many creatures that have been uninvited to the great party of life, many remain with us in the form of fossils, models, stories and in a few cases, Pokémon. 997 more words


Productivity, with pictures to prove it.

We’ve really hit our production targets here at the Fun Apartment lately. Our bosses are thrilled and we are expecting a generous year-end bonus.

For instance, the kitchen staff has really stepped up. 180 more words

Home Ec

When things go your way....

Day-to-day life honestly doesn’t change that much. I mean sure you have the occasional “good” day and the occasional “bad” day when fate decides to add a little variance to your existence, but let’s be honest here… 89 more words