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Spoilers (More than usual).

I don’t like Steins;Gate. Or do I? I’m never really sure what to think when it comes to Steins;Gate. Steins;Gate is an odd case for me.. 1,141 more words


Steins;Gate: Burdened Region of Déjà vu [review]

If you have watched the series of Steins;Gate and loved it but leaves you a few questions with something, then this movie is a must-watch. They say this movie is a stand-alone, but it is more likely a sequel to the series, including the OVA, since most of the movie’s talking is all about collision of memories from the Reading Steiner and references of the series and OVA included. 326 more words


The Top 10 most memorable traps in anime

http://images.sgcafe.net/2014/10/tumblr_nbo8h6ivTU1sf7aooo1_500.jpg Trap characters in anime have confused many anime fans about their gender preferences for years, and they have now become an anime staple, commonly found in high school romantic comedies and the occasional action anime. 18 more words

The Steins;Gate Universe. In LNs.

So, one of my few readers asked for a explanation about the Steins;Gate LNs Universe, just like my previous article about the different Blazblue series. But, my inexperience in this series (I never played the LN nor watched the animated adaptation) made me use the help of somebody. 413 more words

Light Novel

The Shorter, The Better: The Binge Watching Experiences Of A Busy Girl

Back in my high school and college days, I used to binge watch TV shows and anime series like a pro. I’d pick one series I’ve been dying to see, sit down, and watch almost the entire thing within a day or two. 1,062 more words


New Anime Releases: September 30, 2014

Here are the new anime releases for September 30, 2014. If you see any errors or omissions in this list, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. 55 more words


Steins;Gate Review (PC Visual Novel)

While first conceived as a visual novel back in 2010, the world outside Japan only got its first glimpse through the twisted time tunnels of… 692 more words