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Embryonic stem cell research: Setting the record straight

“With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge going around, many people started talking about how they can’t support ALS because embryonic stem cell research kills babies. Other people said that it doesn’t matter because the embryos used for research coming from the IVF process have no hope of living anyway. 121 more words


The stem cell research uncovers cord blood potential

As time passes, the researchers come out with new discoveries and inventions with a view to helping the human beings. The absolute stem cell research… 311 more words

Cord Blood Banking


I really hate taking a bath. The walls groan as they strain to break free from their confinement and plunge their thirsty tubers into my soapy water. 212 more words

Flash Fiction

The ALSA Misinformation Challenge

by Mike Foster, Senior Communication Major at Kennesaw State University

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In Chapter 1 of News: The Politics of Illusion, author W. Lance Bennett recognizes how “news” in the digital age is moving away from centered objectivity and toward catering to audiences. 731 more words


Ice breaker

Are the Filipinos, politicians and otherwise, who’ve so far done The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS also staunch supporters of the RH Law? I assume they are because the ALS Association, the fund recipient, supports stem cell research (including embryonic stem cell research) which as far as the CBCP goes is as radical as RH.  730 more words


4 International Standards for pluripotency tests

Stem cell reference standards are Embryonic Reference Standard Cells of the International Stem Cell Initiative (ISCI).  These products are the reference standards to validate the pluripotency status of cells of interest by flow cytometry or gene expression analysis . 454 more words

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