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Why I'm Not Taking The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As of the time I am typing this I have currently been “nominated” to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a total of 5 times. Currently, I have yet to participate. 375 more words

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you have any form of social media, you’ve most likely seen an “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” or two. Or ten. Or ten hundred. I’ve seen many different things regarding the challenge, some good and some bad. 1,346 more words

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Immoral?

As I’m sure many of you have seen, there is a trend going around on the internet now called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involves a person filming themselves getting a large bucket of ice water dumped on their head, and then posting it online. 404 more words

Catching Flies with Honey

     Several of my blog posts tend to start with a text to my boyfriend that says something like this: “Oh, and I’m fed up. So. I’m writing a blog post.” To which he normally replies by laughing and asking me what it is this time. 786 more words

Sufferers of rare 'stiff person syndrome' get hope with Ottawa treatment

Ingrid Steppan was told to go home and spend time with her family, that there was no cure for the rare and debilitating disease wracking her body with convulsions, and that she would likely die from it. 1,357 more words

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My Ice Bucket Challenge: Being an Informed Donor

“You have been nominated, you have 24 hours.”

These were the words I have been dreading. I have been nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… 409 more words

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Ice Bucket Challenge Nears $80-Million Mark

The ALS Association has raised $79.7 million to combat Lou Gehrig’s Disease since July 29, as the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to encourage people… 119 more words