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Stem Cells killing Cancer

On 25th Oct 2014, BBC news published an article on genetically engineered stem cells being used to treat tumours in the brain. Brain tumours are usually solid and quite difficult to reach, therefore finding treatment can sometimes be difficult. 694 more words


Luck be a stem cell?

Sometimes, it is pointless to quibble about how the media portrays science stories- they need to sell stories and that is a pill everyone has to swallow. 1,416 more words


Cancer Stem cells: a tale of two models

What is a stem cell?

Your body is made up of tissues and tissue is made up of complex network of cells. Different tissues have different cell-types; so, the skin is made from skin cells, the brain is made from brain cells, etc.  1,228 more words


Super Sunday! #swabalicious

Less than three days. That’s how long I will have to wait until the word “deflategate” slowly starts to disappear from my newsfeeds. I was born, raised, and grown into a grown-ass woman in Massachusetts and I don’t give a shit about the New England Patriots. 347 more words

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Trial to test stem cells in MS patients

TORONTO – Two Canadian research centres are gearing up for a clinical trial to determine if a type of stem cell can help alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. 948 more words


Ottawa patients sought for testing of stem cell therapy that offers hope for MS

At a time when there is growing concern about patients travelling overseas for unproven treatments, Canadian doctors are beginning clinical trials of stem cell therapy they say offers real hope for people with multiple sclerosis. 783 more words

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