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Snappy! II

Finalized (well…maybe..that is an awfully strong word) Snappy. The inverted image is for dying fabrics or stencils where I want the white to be the part that gets colored.

3-D Printing

realised I need to do an edition for the Hotbed Press 20:20 Print Exchange. wasn’t going to do it this year; but then I said I would. 74 more words

Final / AP Artwork

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

 Stenciled graffiti in Hamra. I might not have noticed it had I not recited the phrase to Japanese lunch companions upon the serving of pepperocinis not two days ago. 13 more words


Recycled Cardboard Organizers

Mike and I lived in a teeny tiny apartment last summer. I got tired of the junk cluttering our minuscule counter and table, so I needed a solution. 83 more words


Interview with Danielle, designer of the Don DeLillo stencil for California Bookstore Day

California Bookstore Day was May 3, 2014; an exciting day for booknerds all over the state. One of the greatest pieces offered was the stencil with a quotation from… 2,372 more words