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Short stories are great

First of all many apologies for not writing anything yesterday, it was just one of those things.

Now let’s talk about short stories, especially why I truly like them. 369 more words


The Reader's Soul

Announcement: marching season is over tomorrow, but while that means I’ll have more time to post, I also won’t have much to post about. So I’m going to have to play the next weeks by ear. 31 more words


The Red and Black by Stendhal

I should probably start with the obligatory note about this works importance in literary history: many scholars consider this to be the first realist novel. It’s a novel intensely interested in describing the psychological drama of its characters, especially Julien, our lower class educated protagonist. 876 more words

(21) Et si l'Idéalisme allemand était une sophistique pire que toute autre ?

J’admire souvent les passages que les érudits allemands donnent pour preuve de leurs idées. En accordant à Kant que des mots obscurs sont des idées, et que l’on peut commencer une science par une supposition, on arrive à des résultats qui seraient bien comiques, s’ils n’étaient pas trop longs à exposer. 1,092 more words

about love

love is a fever it comes and goes without the will having any part in the process.