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Affairs of the Heart

I’m feeling afraid! On Saturday morning, my husband woke up early with chest pains. By 6.30am it seemed to be getting worse so we decided to go to the hospital to have it checked out. 1,084 more words

Blended Family

Blended isn't Always Splendid....

Last night my husband and I rented the movie Blended.  Staring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  It was such a cute movie.  I knew when I was watching it that I was seeing it from a different point of view.   305 more words

I'm Too Young To Be An Adult!

Five months ago I took the plunge and said “I do!” Some days I think to myself, “Am I too young to be married?” But then I realize, nope… I’m 30 years old, and if truth-be-told, closer to 31. 471 more words



Never thought I’d have to consider this
So many thoughts run through my mind as I ponder upon this
I now sometimes regret my tubaligation… 130 more words


My Son's Future Step Mom

Dear Future Mrs. Collins.  Not sure where in my life I ever thought I would ever be writing you this letter. Really I did not. Ever.  498 more words

A Long Walk Off A Short Pier

I don’t think my dad has ever used a curse word in his 74 years of life. As a kid, I often heard him say, “Take a long walk off a short pier.” He had a dry sense of humor but sometimes I thought that this was his nice way of telling someone to “Take a hike.” Funny how we remember things we hear from childhood. 130 more words

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Romantic Weekends

It’s still four more sleeps before they come. I’m already short of breath and feeling stressed. It’s not that I don’t want my step children to come for the weekend. 611 more words

Blended Family