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Finding Balance

Way back when in a prior life I got on a bittie art kick. I would get in a mood and each day make some digital creation on whatever thought entered my mind. 874 more words

My Step-Momming Struggle

I am a step-mom. I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means. To me I think it means I love and care for a little girl as if she were my own child, even though I didn’t give birth to her. 2,266 more words


Our Crazy Backstory Pt. 3

Dear Lord it has been a crazy week.  I’m so sorry it took so long to catch this up.  Now where was I.  Oh yes my life going to crap.   1,014 more words

Best Friends

Day three

The baby is crying as I write this. A stupid door  – the downstairs neighbour, right below his bedroom – closed loud, and now he’s terribly upset and crying, and I’m sitting here writing about it. 490 more words

Crying Baby

Day two

Oh boy. Hit me in the face with a shovel.

Husband, Mr. T., is in Ontario at a friend’s wedding. And holy hot hell, I wish I were there, too. 791 more words

Crying Baby

What It Means to Be a Real Mother

From Huffington Post, “What It Means to Be a Real Mother in 21 Gorgeous Photos”

“After photographer Alyson Aliano married her husband and became stepmother to young twin girls, people continually asked her the same questions — Aren’t you going to have children? 184 more words


Living in Solitude

The first couple of weeks at my dads house was awkward. Everytime I walked into a room the silence hit me and made me feel all the pity they had for me. 352 more words