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I’m an open book. So ask anyone, ask a stranger that I may have let skip me in line at the grocery store…I’ve got some serious anxiety. 932 more words

A package deal...

After yet another tongue-lashing from his ex, yesterday my husband sent her a letter. I still can’t believe that he actually sent it. It was a 2-page letter supporting me and my role as a step mom and basically telling her to back off and stop criticising me! 449 more words

Blended Family

Breaking "Perfect Mom"

I have officially given up on being the “Prefect Mom!”

Now wait before you go judging hear me out! This urge to be the “Perfect Mom” comes with the territory of being a “Step Mom” and a “Foster Mom” as well. 1,029 more words


Untitled Story

I would like to share with you, my quarter-dozen readers, a story I wrote a couple months ago. I’m hoping to have my dad, a wonderfully talented cartoonist, illustrate it for me in the future. 380 more words

Holiday Preparedness

As the Holiday season is quickly approaching I decided today that I would try and get a few things in order. Like new tires on my car that I have owned for 5 years and the tires should have been replaced when I bought it. 578 more words

About Me

Respect Our Weekends

Now that we have two out of my three stepchildren living with us full time, our weekends off are particularly precious to me. Four days a month that my husband and I can enjoy each other without the stress, demands and conflict that goes with a blended family situation. 780 more words

Blended Family

Who's The Man?

What does The Man do when he hits his finger with a hammer? He deals with it until I get home from work and then he pokes said nail with a red hot paperclip to release the pressure. Omg Soooooo very gross!