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Time marches on...

It has been several years now since my step-son moved out on his own. Very rarely do I even think about what things where like before he moved out. 633 more words


On Dating A Man With Children

This isn’t anyone’s dream. No one grows up wanting step children and baggage. I told myself firmly that I was not interested in a man with 2 children from 2 different mothers. 1,220 more words


Anonymous Post From a Client About Being a Stepmom

Background: This anonymous post comes from a client’s wife who unconditionally loves her step son despite being sidelined by the system and the dynamic in which the child came into the world. 456 more words


He Doesn't Call Me Mommy

Early morning wake-up
Getting ready then out the door
Multiple calls to daycare
He’s okay, but I want to be sure

Afternoon smiles
Giggles and a devilish grin… 159 more words


Just Another Day I Suppose...

December 17, 2014

Yesterday was an ok day again for Jake. At daycare his cousin’s got to come and play with him for a few hours. 877 more words


Step-parenting is parenting!

I have been a step-mom for almost 16 years now. I do not have any other children. My SS now has a GF and a baby (the baby is precious) and lately his little bratty GF has taken to FaceBook to posts things like “oh you don’t have any children and you want to give me advice” or her next comment “we all know a wannabe mom” like she has all the answers being 19 and barely a mom for a year. 145 more words


30 days

This post won’t be very eloquent. It’s 7:30 a.m. and I haven’t had any coffee yet. But read it anyway!  

The last week or so has been SO much easier than the previous ones when dropping Kal off for school. 280 more words