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Let's Show Step-Parents Some Love

My mom is a step-mother to my dad’s son. Disney movies show step-moms as evil bitches who are determined to ruin their step-children’s lives. Real life is no Disney movie. 65 more words


Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? I hope so. I have gone away to mind my sisters children for a few days while she is away on business. 182 more words

Step Parenting

Living in Solitude

The first couple of weeks at my dads house was awkward. Everytime I walked into a room the silence hit me and made me feel all the pity they had for me. 352 more words

Step-parenting 101.1: Clarification

Main Entry: step·moth·er
Pronunciation: \-ˌmə-thər\
Function: noun
Date: before 12th century
Definition:  the wife of one’s father when distinct from one’s natural or legal mother… 305 more words


Always marry a viscount!!

Never Marry A Viscount: Scandal at the House of Randall by Anne Stuart

Overview by Amazon:

She’s crept back into the home she lost. He’s crept into her heart. 1,239 more words



Roopanzel’s father had gone to another kingdom Shonika  to meet his close friend who was the king  but his friend extended his stay. After many days he returned back home. 106 more words

Step Mom Stories 1

Today my husband and I went Halloween costume shopping for my bonus child (aka stepdaughter). This was the first time I went shopping for my favorite holiday, in one of my favorite stores for someone other than myself. 591 more words

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