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busy as a rock star.

When there’s a full plate of work in front of me, with looming deadlines and limited time, that’s when I need this program the most.  Because in the past, these assignments and projects would be looked at as hindrances to my drinking. 349 more words

12 The Hard Way


Ok, so, as I once wrote in my ‘About’ section once upon a time this was to be a place to get things off my chest in hopes of doing so in real life eventually. 400 more words


and... action.

I had convinced myself that everything was easier when I was drinking.  And in the world I’d constructed for myself, it was true.  Problems went away or were resolved without my knowledge.  268 more words

The Twelve Steps

MS2 Year: My Medical Education Has Begun

MS2 year hit me like a swift punch in the gut. Usually, when you think of the first week of school, warm fuzzy thoughts of seeing your old friends, catching up on summer experiences, easing into things with a couple of “orientation” lectures come to mind. 631 more words

Medical School Experience

NIKE - Her Story Repeated

I tell ya what. There was one very specific & defining moment in my life and it has replayed over and over. His story repeats itself. 836 more words

Do I truly see myself as a “compulsive overeater”?

I’m gearing up to attack the next question assigned to me by my sponsor. To discuss and reflect upon the effect food has had upon me over the years. 644 more words

O.A. Recovery

filling a hole without making a mound.

It’s my sobriety that allows me to work on being a better person.  Most of my postings deal with acting right-sized in the moment.  It’s about living in the now all the time, as far as my feelings, emotions and reactions are concerned. 253 more words

The Twelve Steps