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There are several things to keep in mind when doing Step One.

First of all, it is a step where we look at ourselves and say “my, aren’t you screwed up!” It is not an “I think I have a problem with drinking (or drugs)” situation. 1,536 more words


The Girl I Used To Be

“Hi. My name is Red. And I used to be a writer. I am currently a wife, mother, employee, boss lady, daughter-in-law, classroom parent helper, a great cook and loving dog owner. 428 more words

Creative Writing

An Unwanted Resident

So, here I was, faced with the news that I had developed food allergies and autoimmunity, and that I just had to live with these facts and get prepared for a  slow ride into the darkness of ever-worsening disease. 709 more words


Working it... Sort of!

Well, there I am! Taking a selfie and water break from my stationary bike ride. It saddens me to have the pain and how out of shape I let myself get. 83 more words

excuses, inc.

That’s my alcoholic business.  When I’m working the program, there shouldn’t be excuses to drink, or reasons to slip or go back out there.   So why all the self-sabotage? 285 more words

The Twelve Steps

okay, starting NOW.

First Monday after the New Year, correct?  Today’s the day I’ll start the resolutions I made five days ago:  stop smoking, stop biting my fingernails, eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, cut down on the regular coffee, and cut way back on my sugar intake. 378 more words

The Twelve Steps

My Life with Food

“In OA we are encouraged to take a good look at our compulsive eating, obesity, and the self-destructive things we have done to avoid obesity – the dieting, starving, over-exercising, or purging.” Here is a first-step inventory of my compulsive eating history. 909 more words