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cloud coverage.

The infamous pink cloud.  I was warned about this thing more often than last year’s polar vortex.  It’s in reference to the euphoria one feels once the hammer of alcoholism stops striking the skull.  377 more words

The Twelve Steps

Step One (some closing thoughts)

On vacation, I faced a buffet of many fancy and slightly different foods than what I know and am used to.  Most of the labels, if there were any, were in French, which I studied for nine years in school but do not speak.  430 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

stop looking for a reason.

My alcoholism didn’t come with one. There is no reason. And as long as I continue to look for one, that means I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to solve my little puzzle and go back to drinking. 252 more words

The Twelve Steps

Never Getting Over Step One

This is my cue to let one of BIG heavy sigh

The entry I was making was accidentally deleted!!!! And I’ve written roughly 3 lengthy paragraphs!!! 609 more words

Random Thoughts

alcohologically speaking.

Ugh, talking about Step One is so boring.  I mean, let’s get on to bigger and better things, already.

Step One: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives have become unmanageable. 189 more words

The Twelve Steps

I'd Like to Open the Pandora's Box, but I Don't Know How

I confessed at my meeting the other day that I’ve been skimming along the surface of my S-Anon program.

You see, I joined Al-Anon first (S-Anon wasn’t local) and had a year of program before moving and being able to join S-Anon.   317 more words

Twelve Steps

Under the Lash of Alcoholism (Step One continued)

Under the lash of alcoholism, we are driven to A.A.,

and there we discover the fatal nature of our situation.

Then, and only then, do we become as open-minded to…

365 more words
Alcoholics Anonymous