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Introduction and bet 1

This marks the first post and bet of my challenge. To reiterate, the aim is to turn £10 into £1000 (I may decide to cash out part or all of my money at any point during the challenge). 177 more words

First Post

Whatever it Takes to Create

There’s nothing better than taking everything you learned in school, and applying it to a $20 budget and a 4 person crew (Including the actors). Who needs 500 watt durable lights when you have uncontrollable 150 watt can-lights from home depot that constantly fall off of whatever they’re attached to? 181 more words

More Thoughts on Powerlessness: Is Alcoholism a Disease?

A few days have gone by since my post about Step One, and I am seeing that the presentation I gave was a bit one-sided. 1,171 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

wasn’t enough.

That was my biggest fear when I was drinking: That I wasn’t drunk enough to handle basic life events. I didn’t need to be falling down or slurring words, but there was no way I was doing anything without at least a little something. 242 more words

The Twelve Steps

Paganism and A.A.: The First Step

Step One: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

Step One is a paradox for me. On one level, it is the simplest, least threatening and most self-evident of the steps, and on another level, it is terrifying and oppressive. 1,680 more words

Personal Growth

check and check.

Do I need to simply do things, and not necessarily tough things, in order to be validated?  And does cleaning the garage count?  I mean, there’s definitely a surge of satisfaction that accompanies accomplishment, but isn’t making a list and checking things off it a form of control?  260 more words

The Twelve Steps

Web Series in Production

A couple of months ago, one of my childhood best friends, Nick Duska, moved to NYC. It just so happened that his apartment hunt landed him 4 blocks from me. 142 more words

In The Works