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Finding Balance

Way back when in a prior life I got on a bittie art kick. I would get in a mood and each day make some digital creation on whatever thought entered my mind. 874 more words

It's Been Bugging Me!

This has been BUGGING me for months maybe at least a year if not longer.  I don’t know when everything went bad.

I have been blessed with a “bonus” child.  458 more words


My Step-Momming Struggle

I am a step-mom. I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means. To me I think it means I love and care for a little girl as if she were my own child, even though I didn’t give birth to her. 2,266 more words


Positive Effect of Coping skills!

Recovery Sucks, its like a daily boxing match that goes all day long in my head.  I spend my day arguing with the voice in my head, who I call ED.  229 more words


It's All Fine...Until It's Not

We had some undesirable behavior today. Somewhat surprisingly, E was not the offender; C was. This is becoming a pattern with him, and his mom and Dude are a little worried. 343 more words


My Daddy

Have you ever heard the song that Brad Paisley sings, He Didn’t Have To Be? That’s my Daddy.  Let me tell you a little about him.  433 more words