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Sorry, but this home you live in is not really yours.

Besides being a recent college graduate who is also unemployed, I am also the girlfriend of a wonderful man who has a wonderful son. We three, live under the same roof. 591 more words

step-parent adoptions and nothing else will do

The Court of Appeal in Re P (a child) 2014 considered an appeal from a Judge who refused a step-parent adoption having applied the law (or at least the gloss on the law applied in the last year) 1,222 more words

Case Law


I was going to write a hard-hitting piece about judgement and socioeconomics, but I cannot get my mind off of the little gremlins I spend my days with, the family God is building in my life, and how precious my circumstances are. 557 more words

Important NJ Case On Psychological Parent

I’m detouring from surrogacy to write about an important new decision from New Jersey.   The opinion, issued by the Appellate Division of the Superior Court, … 858 more words


The Situation (short version)

Having kids is hard. Having a kid right at the top end of the autism spectrum, with ADHD, OCD, Pica, and assorted other ‘labels’ is hard. 2,207 more words


Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Ryan’s house, October 2013

-Are you sure?

He had those playful sparks in his eyes. Somehow I knew…I’ll adore these eyes and their light-blue color…forever…But I wasn’t sure about anything…It was late in the night and all I knew for sure was that there was no other place I’d rather be. 1,249 more words


Six Things that SUCK about being a Step Parent

Choosing to marry someone who already has kids is a huge decision in anyone’s life.  You are consciously  making the choice to become an instant parent. 1,335 more words