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Think of the children!

Despite coming from a broken home and not being allowed to see my father (because he left for another woman, not because of the abuse) and understanding the heartache when, as a child, you just don’t get why. 606 more words


Step Parents who Hate perpetrate PARENTAL ALIENATION and should be accountable.

Let me start by saying that ALL CHILDREN have TWO parents who each contributed one half of the DNA that became a child.

If a child manages to make it through 4th grade science, that child understands this concept. 163 more words

Parental Alienation

Birthday love: 2 on the 25th

I love this week in July.

I love it because two of the most remarkable women in my life are celebrating their birthdays this Friday. 401 more words


Sometimes being a step parent isn't easy

I was thinking about my first marriage the other day. I remembered at one time telling my then-husband, “I could never marry someone who was divorced. 707 more words



Hi, I am not really introducing myself, because I want to keep a little privacy. Still… I need to share what I have been going through, as it is not easy! 605 more words

First Blog Post

Remarriage: Friend zone to end zone

After bobbing around in the dating pool for some time (and for the most part, feeling like I was drowning or getting the life  sucked out of me), I learned a few things along the way. 808 more words


My First Blog

While I’ve had a Xanga in Middle School this is my first actual blog. I have been debating on signing up for one the past year but was a little wary. 1,016 more words