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Not knowing about nits!

So, nits.

There is THAT video of a very severe headlice infestation doing the rounds on social media, which I keep clicking off instantly as it is JUST HORRID! 191 more words

Over thinking alone time

Whirling Dervish, as on most school nights, was with us for a couple of hours before going home.

Her other home that is. We emphasise and mention (maybe too much?) that even though she only usually stays overnight once a week, ‘ours’ is her home too. 228 more words

Emotional weekend

Ugh! Dont get me wrong I love my step son but this weekend he is on my bad side!  He is just so rude, and so damn spoiled. 182 more words

Finding Balance

Way back when in a prior life I got on a bittie art kick. I would get in a mood and each day make some digital creation on whatever thought entered my mind. 874 more words

It's Been Bugging Me!

This has been BUGGING me for months maybe at least a year if not longer.  I don’t know when everything went bad.

I have been blessed with a “bonus” child.  458 more words


My Step-Momming Struggle

I am a step-mom. I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means. To me I think it means I love and care for a little girl as if she were my own child, even though I didn’t give birth to her. 2,266 more words