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Notice the Fear

I have noticed that I don’t write much about Marie these days. I write about general things.  But I have shied away from my thoughts and feelings about being her parent.   237 more words


Have you been looking inside my head and heart?

Since starting this blog (feels like yesterday but is coming up to two months), I’ve made a small handful of blogging/ Twitter connections whose writing I really like, seems to have a similar outlook to me and have inspired some of my posts.  316 more words


We all have histories. Personal stories of growing up; of triumphs big and small; of defining moments of pain, epiphanies; of that one embarrassing moment when you learned how to suck it up, simmer down, pull up your big girl pants and laugh at yourself. 408 more words


Untitled Story

I would like to share with you, my quarter-dozen readers, a story I wrote a couple months ago. I’m hoping to have my dad, a wonderfully talented cartoonist, illustrate it for me in the future. 380 more words

Who's The Man?

What does The Man do when he hits his finger with a hammer? He deals with it until I get home from work and then he pokes said nail with a red hot paperclip to release the pressure. Omg Soooooo very gross!


I Am a Step-Mom: What I Didn't Know

I am a step-mom. I have two more sons & one daughter in addition to my two children. Simple math tells us three plus two equals five. 1,696 more words


I'm a stepchild but I can't understand a stepchild's lot

My Mum just did one of those random posts which you have to do too if you like or comment on it on Facebook thingies. 563 more words