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On ex-wives and new wives, peace at Christmas, and God only knows....

On ex-wives and new wives

This Christmas Eve, there will be fourteen at our table. Every year, the familial combination is a bit different depending on who’s available, 889 more words

Anonymous Post From a Client About Being a Stepmom

Background: This anonymous post comes from a client’s wife who unconditionally loves her step son despite being sidelined by the system and the dynamic in which the child came into the world. 456 more words



I hear and read a lot about parents feeling like they are their kids’ chauffeur so I assume it comes with the territory, but, of course, when parents are apart it gets a bit more involved. 262 more words

Step-Dad-Ism's :: AKA Funny shit Paul says on the daily.

“…moving like a bag of elbows.”

“Your mother is NOT your slave.”

“Your legs aren’t painted on.”

“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” 163 more words



Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our oldest son; he was born twenty-nine years ago. I don’t know anything about his birth, other than he was over nine pounds! 502 more words

Carol concert - Not just mums and dads.

It was lovely. Lots of turning round from her pew from Whirling Dervish to wave up at the balcony to meeeee! 137 more words

Carol concert - I have a solo performance

Oh no, I’m going to have to go through the WHOLE Facing the Christmas Fayre¬†wardrobe crisis, paranoid being judged (all in my head) nonsense again tonight for Whirling Dervish’s carol concert. 80 more words