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Happy Halloween

Hey guys so it’s been awhile clearly I haven’t been up too par with this blogging thing. Today is Halloween like you didn’t know that already, and as usual I plan to do something and by something I mean cool makeup it never ends up happening and it isn’t happening this year. 26 more words


Oneupmanship and point scoring

On some level most kids try to outdo one another. My bike is better than your bike, my Dad can beat up your Dad etc. It’s a pretty standard thing and most adults also seem to enjoy doing it too. 1,250 more words


Whirling Dervish - A first encounter

I read a great post by The Secret Divorcee (has taken me about an hour to figure out how to post a link to look like this. 531 more words

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans...

If you have ever cooked for children, you would know that at times they can be somewhat fussy about what they eat. Or, if you’re a step mother and your trying hard to please because you want them to like you, they will compare it Mum’s or Grandma’s food, saying that their’s is better. 609 more words


Walk the Line

There are a lot of difficult things about being a step-parent.  (As Geico would say, “everybody knows that.”)  There’s the obvious adjustment to spending a lot of time with little people who aren’t your own, trying to relate to them without the benefit of a biological connection that parents are blessed with.  964 more words


For Mom Who Gave me Eyes to Write With....

When my boys were young, their dad and I split.  It was the early ’90s and even though divorce was happening more and more, what wasn’t happening was a mom who chose to leave her boys with their dad because it was right for them.   980 more words


Here it is. Light. And so soon after feeling like the darkness was never going to end. I am reminded again about change. I need to try and remember that things change, and fast. 63 more words

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