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Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? I hope so. I have gone away to mind my sisters children for a few days while she is away on business. 182 more words

Step Parenting

Happy Birth-Day to Us!

Here we are! This is our very first post on our brand spankin’ new web presence. This oughtta be a trip, too, ’cause neither of us have any real idea of how to build and maintain a wordpress site <grin>… So, y’know, any and all suggestions and help will be graciously accepted – this theme is so not us! 560 more words

Attachmment Parenting

Luke's Depression and Breaking the Cycle

Somehow, I managed to talk BioMom into meeting with Jonathan, myself, and Luke’s therapist. TheTherapist asked Luke a series of questions and rated them against a scale composed of other children’s answers. 701 more words


Being The Role Model

It’s tough being a father figure to children that aren’t yours…especially if you haven’t been the best father to your own kids.

I mean, don’t get me wrong…I’m a pretty decent dad and I’ve learned over the years how to be better at my job as a parent. 722 more words


Step-parenting 101.1: Clarification

Main Entry: step·moth·er
Pronunciation: \-ˌmə-thər\
Function: noun
Date: before 12th century
Definition:  the wife of one’s father when distinct from one’s natural or legal mother… 305 more words


Juggling: time and emotions

New mommy life has kept me away from my blog for a little bit. I’m down to monthly posts when I was really hoping to keep up my biweekly ones. 929 more words


Suicidal Thoughts

After watching the second to last episode of Doctor Who on Netflix, Luke just sort of blurted it out on his way to bed.

“I think I know why wants an emergency meeting with you. 493 more words