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Hermione: The Bookworm - Sorta

I’ve struggled with writing this post. Hermione is a very important part of our lives, and yet, it has been months since we’ve seen her. In actual fact, we last saw her mid-May this year. 536 more words


It's not called babysitting when it's your own child!

When Ben and his ex were together, she went out occasionally for things like Book Group or a work night out. On these occasions Ben had no issue with staying at home to look after Monkey, no brainer, totally fine – he is his father after all – it’s called being a parent. 1,866 more words

Step Parenting

Not knowing about nits!

So, nits.

There is THAT video of a very severe headlice infestation doing the rounds on social media, which I keep clicking off instantly as it is JUST HORRID! 191 more words

A very long tunnel

Today, and for the past week, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Either that, or it is just a VERY long tunnel. 315 more words

Step Parenting

The child with the split personality

Children are complicated things. You expect them to be pretty basic. They aren’t as world weary as adults, haven’t absorbed as much stuff as we have over the course of their young lives, and yet they are a bundle of weirdness. 1,779 more words


"My life is not a Meg Ryan Movie"

Dear Reader,

I am a confused step mother. It’s true. I don’t have children “of my own,” have previously only baby-sat once during my teenage years – and the little boy I was looking after at the time spent the entire experience defecating on me. 229 more words

Being A Step Mother

The Learning Curve

For the first couple of years after my husband and his ex separated, she pretty much let Monkey get away with everything. Perhaps it was down to guilt, or overcompensating for the fact that his family make up had changed. 1,860 more words