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PAS - Let's Talk About Step Moms.

There are plenty of problems with step moms who overstep their boundaries with their step child and who make a difficult situation worse.

Your ego has NO PLACE in the situation you find yourself in.   326 more words


Things I Do That Get Me Through and Other Coping Mechanisms

   As you might be realizing by now, this divorce is taking a toll.  I have to come up with ways of finding humor where none really should exist: 176 more words

Parental Alienation


(I highly advise that you listen to this song, carefully selected for this post by pressing here.)

Bella Serena Ryan gripped the sleek wooden surface of the sharpened pencils. 423 more words

It Didn't Work Out. Now What? Put Away The Guns ....

Dedicated to my ex-husband and his wife

It didn’t work out …

There are many reasons why divorce happens; for some of you, maybe there was irreparable disrespect, maybe you grew apart as two completely different people, maybe you realized you didn’t want the same things. 1,798 more words


Think of the children!

Despite coming from a broken home and not being allowed to see my father (because he left for another woman, not because of the abuse) and understanding the heartache when, as a child, you just don’t get why. 606 more words


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Step Parents who Hate perpetrate PARENTAL ALIENATION and should be accountable.

Let me start by saying that ALL CHILDREN have TWO parents who each contributed one half of the DNA that became a child.

If a child manages to make it through 4th grade science, that child understands this concept. 163 more words

Parental Alienation

No more Lies

It seems as time goes on, my husband and I are faced with more and more questions regarding uninvolved parents. As much as I want to take a trip to someone’s front door and present a verbal tongue lashing, I know that I cannot (well I could but where would that get me). 281 more words

Blended Families