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How Ants and "Blended Families" are Alike

You need a little bit of history first:  our house has been battling ants for years.  Those of you who’ve had ant invasions understand how frustrating they are…  despite eco-firendly exterminators, keeping  sugary things locked in vault like containers, and my latest secret weapon — caulk (don’t laugh, use silicone caulk on the crevices ants come thru, and around heating vents, they don’t cross it for some reason)…  those darn ants keep coming back.   803 more words


Dungeon Prompts ~ this could be rude!


The prompt/challenge:

We’ve all heard of Mark Twain’s legendary advice, “write what you know.”  This week’s assignment is to take some small aspect of your life and write it up in an entertaining way. 

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The secret world of step-parenting

For most of us, being a parent comes naturally. It’s a learning process that you don’t have a choice but to learn. Let’s start at the beginning. 380 more words


Feeling more happy, actually

Some time has passed since I last posted. My girlfriend and me have actually been much better. I think ever since I had the talk with her, she has really taken it to heart. 194 more words

My Daughter Is Right

I wasn’t sure that posting her video was the right thing to do, because she is my daughter and I don’t want her visible to the world, but my daughter — as a person with a valid perspective — offers insight to what a child thinks about parent conflict. 16 more words


it takes a cyber-village...

I have a co-worker that is one of those highly-motivated, good at whatever he puts his mind to, own worst critic types.  He recently married a woman with a toddler, and so naturally he is a bit anxious about becoming a step-father, since he does not yet have any parenting experience.   203 more words

Leading by Example

I’ve always believed strongly in the power of leading by example.  This is always forefront in my mind as my husband and I raise our four children.   270 more words