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Am I half a parent?

A lot of people have a rule that they won’t date anyone with kids, my own mother has always said that if she and my Dad ever split then she’d stay single til her kids had left home because her own expierneces of having a step father were less than perfect to say the very least. 675 more words

Oh what a day to remember!

Yes it most certainly was! My 14 year old daughter just met her Real Dad for the first time ever in both of their lives. Now granted their is a long story here, we weren’t in love, he wasn’t ready for a kid, I was separated from I thought would be my ex, but I went back ( dumb idea) there were many variables to this story before you start being all judgy and mean to either side. 482 more words

What My Parents' Divorce Taught Me

“I couldn’t be with someone whose parents are divorced.”

Yeah, someone I was pretty close to in college said that to me. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Craving Chaos

When life brings me calm, I panic. That’s my codependency screaming loud and clear “shake things up, I don’t know what to do when everything is going well”. 1,049 more words


Family Steps

My sense of family was skewed at a very early age.  My parents split up when I was barely out of diapers, and my biological dad was never a part of my life thereafter.  927 more words



The question was recently posed to me, “What would your life have been like and who would you be had your parents not divorced?” My gut reaction was that I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. 641 more words

The Parent Trap (Who Are The Best Parents?)

It was a great party. I’m mingling with strangers asking them how they knew the guest of honour. It was easy. All I had to do was be quiet and let them talk. 757 more words