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Movie Lover - Step Up All In, Lone Ranger, The 100 Foot Journey

Another combo movie post!


There’s nothing you can say that will make me not watch these movies. Yes, the acting leaves a LOT to be desired and yes the plots are beyond ridiculous and yes the whole thing is soooo 2006. 448 more words

Movie Lover

Christopher's Honeybee

The past week has been complete chaos and calm, all in one…though I struggle to think how the latter was addressed. Often we ask for something and never is it handed to us. 387 more words


My 5 Favourite Films

I like a lot of movie genres, comedies, drama’s, romantic (if not too full of cheddar cheese), dance (but not musicals), war/historic, adventure, action, disaster, cartoon (animated movies). 954 more words

My 5 Favorite

Overcoming Obstacles from Within and Above

Have you ever started your day in a joyful mood and then suddenly something caused your mood to change for the worse?

As you rise in the morning the presence of greatness is upon you and just as you step out of bed SHIT! 901 more words



the only choice

– – – –

two and a half
still that exhilarating
still that exciting

i’m at it
there’s no stopping me. 93 more words

Alice's Playground

Day 3 - Parliament Bills and Playing with Chemicals

Day 3 kicked off with an excited group of teachers heading to the first excursion of the trip – Parliament House. Many in the group had not visited Parliament before, and we were all fascinated by the amazing architecture and the stories behind some of the materials used in the building. 346 more words