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We are a chosen generation

So act like one.

Stop all these games.

Passing each other around? Absolutely unacceptable.

Wild parties? Please stop.

God did not say don’t have fun, but please redefine your fun. 193 more words

Step Up by RBC Ministries

From Amarylis : I declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : if I didn’t write the space what my youngest daughter put in front of me, fear of my grammar english, then there would be no Amarylis posts today. 296 more words

Saying 'no' is hard to do!

I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire.  It used to be something I was proud of – but now its something that is causing me stress.  I have been involved with many organizations, volunteered my time, my skills and my heart for worthy causes that have deep roots in my community.   369 more words

Step Up ST-779 Brokat capuccon

ST-779 Brokat capuccon harga 230rb

* Gamis terusan brokat cantik, gaya capuccon yang bisa dipakai sebagai kerudung
* Berkancing depan, hias payet diamond
* Bagian pinggang kebawah jersy polos, simpul pita… 35 more words

Step Up