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My Week in Review (STEPH)

My week was quite uneventful and rather tedious. I hate being inside in front of a computer during the summer. I wait impatiently for the day to end so I can go play outside. 121 more words


Long Run Sunday (STEPH)

I knew at least once you left me, I would have at least one day a week occupied with a long run.  I packed my snacks and headed out for a new trail.   180 more words



Dearest Steph,

Thank you for being the “manang” in the group, and you know that I mean that in the best possible way!

You have always been the most responsible and caring amongst all of us. 103 more words

IKEA-kind of Friday night (STEPH)

It was time to get these books off the floor. I chose the perfect night – Friday night – to make the IKEA trip. The store was perfectly occupied. 200 more words


Let the studying begin... (STEPH)

I have been sleeping so poorly this last week. Maya apparently has, too. We went for our nightly walk and when I thought she was going to sniff and do her business, she fell down instead. 189 more words


Deb, Dan, and Sharon / Cody landing in grass (dream) / What's Your Inner Country?

Deb emailed me this morning: she’s asked Dan and Sharon to pick me and Mike up on Sunday. Declan and Elysse make it a challenge to get to church reasonably on time, and Dylan is also leading worship that morning, so he’ll be there earlier. 281 more words


Start of the Week (STEPH)

Maya and I chose our favorite tree, a redwood, on our evening walk.  For once Maya was so excited to take a selfie for you that she couldn’t stop kissing me! 221 more words