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Autumnal stuffed zucchini: A piquant but comforting recipe

When it’s zucchini season, you know about it. This can be great, as these culinary-vege/botanical-fruit are lovely. In all honesty, though, toward the end of Zucchini Time I struggle for inspiration. 859 more words


The rest of the marmalade story!

Yesterday I started to tell you about marmalade but in my haste, I accidentally hit publish before I had finished my story! Then the day flashed by and I had no time to return to it. 378 more words


l'Esprit de Cassoulet!

Raining today. Cats & dogs.

Not large dogs- more miniature Schnauzer. Enough to keep F-dog indoors & underfoot though.

I have been planning a cassoulet for a while. 487 more words


Learning from Foodies

For years I have been taking the latest and greatest cookbook to bed with me. It has been a comfort and an inspiration. I read the introductions, the acknowledgments, the recipes and the appendix. 294 more words


I thought I would share with my blogging mates our house renovations. We originally were just getting a new front patio with extra veranda around the side and front of the house and a new upper deck balcony off our bedroom around the back with an attached service walk. 341 more words

Stacie Dianne Pannell murder 10/08/1985 Booneville, MS *College suitemate, Stephanie Lynn Alexander (Louden) convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 20 years in prison*

Taken from Stephanie Alexander’s appeal:

In the early morning hours of October 8, 1985, the body of eighteen-year-old freshman Stacey Dianne Pannell was found in her dormitory room at Northeast Mississippi Junior College in Booneville, Mississippi. 565 more words



Banana’s! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (is that song in your head yet?)

Today’s post is about banana’s and a truly wonderful Banana Oatmeal Cake you can make with any overripe ones you have lying around. 786 more words