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Cooking with children. . . .what are the best books?

Having our grandson with us we decided to let him do some cooking while he was here. I borrowed a book from the library and had marked a few recipes that I thought would be suitable. 208 more words



It is surprising really, having grown up close to the climax of the self raising flour era, that I am so fascinated with yeast cookery. Neither of my grandmothers used yeast and they were both excellent bakers of cakes, slices, scones and biscuits. 538 more words



The three trees are starting to look solid and mature in the paddock that bears their name and for quite a few years now they have been providing me with all the chestnuts I could ever be bothered peeling and using. 258 more words


Autumnal stuffed zucchini: A piquant but comforting recipe

When it’s zucchini season, you know about it. This can be great, as these culinary-vege/botanical-fruit are lovely. In all honesty, though, toward the end of Zucchini Time I struggle for inspiration. 859 more words


The rest of the marmalade story!

Yesterday I started to tell you about marmalade but in my haste, I accidentally hit publish before I had finished my story! Then the day flashed by and I had no time to return to it. 378 more words


l'Esprit de Cassoulet!

Raining today. Cats & dogs.

Not large dogs- more miniature Schnauzer. Enough to keep F-dog indoors & underfoot though.

I have been planning a cassoulet for a while. 487 more words


Learning from Foodies

For years I have been taking the latest and greatest cookbook to bed with me. It has been a comfort and an inspiration. I read the introductions, the acknowledgments, the recipes and the appendix. 294 more words