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Old-fashioned lemon cordial

Since the soda water incident towards the start of my month-long drinking ban, one thing has become very clear: I need a drink. I don’t mean an alcoholic one; I’m talking about something I can drink out of a nice glass while those around me sip on their beer or bourbon, something a little bit more exciting than soft drink or water. 492 more words


Lemons anyone?

It was a strange year for citrus – our oranges were non-existent, our mandarins were so sour as to be inedible by anyone except the birds – but the lemon and lime trees overproduced. 397 more words

What's Cooking In My Home

lemon slice

About once a term, the kids in my kitchen garden cooking classes come into the kitchen to find dessert on the menu along with the usual veggie-based dishes. 280 more words

Cooking With Kids

a pickle party : part two - mumma's lemons and curd

So my last post on the Pickle Party was in JUNE. It is now AUGUST. I am not a very dedicated blogger. But. I do get there in the end! 308 more words

Stephanie Alexander

Apple Rhubarb and Walnut Crumble

I feel quite strongly about this dessert, and I enjoy writing a haiku (mainly because they’re hilarious) so here’s a haiku of a very deserving dish (it even rhymes). 141 more words



Kale. Colour me suspicious. This is, of course, what happens when one has a vegetable box delivered and one doesn’t both to check what’s coming. 136 more words