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If the Bluefin-21 finds Flight 370… what happens next?

If the Bluefin-21 sonar finds the Flight 370 wreckage authorities will likely call in high-tech equipment that is usually used in oil drilling. Rosa Flores takes a look at the subs that can be used to retrieve objects that are several miles below the ocean’s surface. 48 more words

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

How debris can help solve aviation mysteries

Even small pieces of wreckage from Flight 370 could provide investigators with big clues to the plane’s fate. Understanding what the debris reveals is both a science and an art.  27 more words


High-tech ears are listening for Flight 370's black boxes

Time is running out for the locator pings coming from Flight 370′s black boxes. Searchers have about 13 days until the locator “pings” could go silent on the black boxes. 20 more words

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

At Least 25 Injured in Stage Collapse in California

A packed stage performing for a full house.

It’s a scene that plays out at high schools across America – but this one has a sudden, scary twist. 55 more words


Polio-like illness stumps doctors

A polio-like illness has infected as many as 20 California children in the last 18 months. It causes weakness in limbs and paralysis. One family described to Stephanie Elam how fast their child’s symptoms set in and what they are doing to help him regain the full function of his arm. 36 more words