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Twilight Thursday: Twilight Chapter 6 or Why the hell is everyone with a vagina jealous of Bella?

We’re, give or take, 20% into the story. I have no further comment than that. Yet.

Now our heroine is sitting in her room reading… 1,377 more words

Kristen Ashley Ruined My Marriage

I credit Twilight with rekindling my love of the written word. So many criticise the writing style and lack of skill, as well as the religious undertones and stalker behaviour in the story. 695 more words

Operation Rainbow: Reloaded

After last week’s post on our Jester Culture and its multi-colored media, I wanted to elaborate on some thoughts I had about—what I call—rainbow entertainment. By this, I mean any form of media that is fun to watch/read, but provides little to no edification. 494 more words

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Twilight Thursday: Twilight Chapter 5 or Are We There Yet?

…And we’re back! Did you miss me? I bet you did! Now that I think (*crosses fingers*), I have the draft / post issue resolved, this should go a bit more smoothly. 1,370 more words

Vanquish Vagueness

There seems to be this new movement of writers trying to praise vagueness in writing. They want as few details on appearances as possible and only allusions to the past, but I say: stop. 297 more words

Creative Writing

The Fault in our Writing: Implications in Literature

I recently planned out a scene in my novel where MC B was torturing an antagonist in the most brutal ways. When I so brutal, I mean dismembering, stabbing legs, using the knife to dislodge bones, etc… MC B did get the information out of the antagonist, but it resulted in his death. 824 more words


If Bella Swan Were A Normal Teenager

(Yeah, I know Twilight series came out practically a decade ago, but I didn’t have a blog back then, so I’m going to make fun of it now. 236 more words