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A Twilight Post that you Absolutely Must Read. Even if you don't like Twilight.

You must. You really, absolutely must read this post over on Cuddlebuggery!

5 Reasons Why Twilight Isn’t Completely Awful

I know that so many of you hate the Twilight series, but it really did get a lot of people (me included) back into reading, and especially back into the YA and later NA genres. 103 more words

Book Series

#BookADayUK: Novel You Expected To Hate But Loved

In June the Borough Press encouraged everyone to tweet a book a day to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week. It was so popular that Doubleday Books UK have decided to keep it going through July. 106 more words


How Harry Potter saved my life 7 years ago (And how an unlikely ally aided the effort.)

7 years ago, on this day (July 21st), Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows was released around the world. At the time, I was 12, and I had school the following morning, so my dad went to the midnight release, got the book for me, and I sat down to read it when I got home from school, and did not move until I was done. 951 more words

Deathly Hallows

17 Reasons I Hate Twilight

I, like many of you, have also wasted hours of my life watching the twilight movies. I read the first two books then left them because I just couldn`t take it anymore. 655 more words


Twilight Thursday: Twilight Chapter 1 or Forks are for sticking in eyes

Alright readers, here’s a little something fun for you. I am attempting a feat so great, so masochistic, I must share it with the Internet. I was hilariously entertained and inspired by… 1,426 more words

Random News: Gundams and Dance Battle

Hello Lovely Readers,

So today I have two really random things to share, but both made me smile. The first is a funny youtube video of a dance battle between… 277 more words

Random News

We could be taken at anytime. Any day, any minute. All we have is now.

So i’m having a bit of a “now i have time to watch films i meant to watch about 1000 years ago” time. Which is good! 597 more words