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The Puffin Rule: How to Make Your Writing Marketable AND Unique

You have the motivation to write your novel, screenplay, or poem. You’ve done your research and are brimming with inspiration and references to help bring your ideas to life. 812 more words

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Review:The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Synopsis: Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away.
The earth has been invaded by a species
that take over the minds of human
hosts while leaving their bodies intact. 238 more words


Don't judge a book by it's cover/Twilight.

So the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer has generated a lot of haters..more than any other book franchise I have seen.However the hatred towards the books is unjustified and generated because of the dumbass renditions they made of in it the movies.People hating on the movies is totally understandable but what really gets on my nerves is when they judge the books on the basis of movies and automatically assume that the books are just as crap.Well it’s pretty clear that as usual I did not appreciate the movie adaptations and love the books..No I ain’t a Twihard (fans of Twilight are known as Twihards for the people out there who ain’t affiliated to any fandom.) but I cannot just stand by and watch a pretty good book series and their author get undeservedly bashed up and discriminated against though Meyer does deserve a bit of bashing for stupidly agreeing to the movie adaptations of the books.Oh and one last thing..rather two..People should give the books a chance and read them with an open mind as they are pretty good and up to the mark..Don’t discriminate against them and put them down just because of the emotionless and dumb acting and movies..and the second thing you ask?Meyer is actually also good..go check out and read her other books like The Host. 22 more words


Stephanie Meyer Adresses The New 'Twilight Saga' Short Films On Her Website

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has addressed the new 5 short films in the saga that will be released next year on Facebook in a note on her website! 299 more words

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Books and Movies: A Look into Twilight and others

So before you laugh, scoff, blink, or breath at the title, i want you to know that this isn’t going to be a bash at the 5 part movie. 1,074 more words

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What All the Cool Kids Are Reading

Confession time…have you ever read a book just because your friends were or because the internet buzz was too great to resist? I have…and even if you won’t admit it, I know some of you out there have too. 898 more words

Just When we Thought it was Over

Today in Stupid Idea News, someone decided there isn’t quite enough Twilight in the world. A new series of short films based on the books/movies/complete crap that is Twilight will soon be coming to viewers like you (if you are a 12 year old girl with low self esteem and access to the internet). 323 more words