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How did I not know that Michael Reynolds, the creator of Earthship Biotecture was on The Colbert Report in 2009? More importantly, how did my wife not know? 363 more words


The makings of a great "Late Night" show

The competition for the top-dog “late night” spot isn’t new- and it isn’t going away. Plus, it’s way more competitive than any other television category because there are no clear seasons. 933 more words


It looks like Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert has a friend or two at Apple. The Colbert Report host and comedian pulled out his iPhone 5s on air last night to check the status of his iPhone 6 delivery only to realize he had an iPhone 6 Plus in his pocket. 106 more words

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Too much think, not enough tank?

A bit of fun for the weekend. Stephen Colbert’s take on the New York Times’ think tank scandal. Take your pick from different sources:

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Solving a Colbert mystery: Why did Stephen sign off with a vomit green portrait of Viggo Mortensen when he had the real thing in studio?

Jon Stewart has the Moment of Zen, but Stephen Colbert ends his show differently every night. That gives him the opportunity for a little more flexibility. 214 more words


Oshawa continues to fail under John Henry's administration

Now more than ever, the residents of Oshawa have to ask themselves one very simple question. Are we better now than we were four years ago, or any other time? 316 more words

Watch 8th Grade Metal Band, Unlocking The Truth, Make Their Late-Night TV Debut

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The average eighth grader is a lazy, hormonal monster. Unless you’re Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, and Alec Atkins, better known as the metal band Unlocking the Truth, and you’ve already signed a… 45 more words