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BB #42 – Behind the Mask

If you’re a fan of television you may know that David Letterman is retiring in 2015 and that his replacement is Stephen Colbert! If you’re not at all a fan of television, it’s possible you don’t know Stephen Colbert, who is the two in the one-two punch of Jon Stewart’s… 948 more words

Brain Bubble

What's Pastor Kevin Reading: The Sacredness of Questioning Everything??

First off, I want to say thank you all for reading and providing feedback on my series this week.  If you missed my posts on Christian Fundamentalism you can start… 907 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Will Stay In New York

When we found out that Stephen Colbert was indeed taking over The Late Show after David Letterman retires in 2015, our next question was “Where”? 168 more words


Colbert lampoons Steve Pearce - New Mexico's primo Republican hypocrite

Like any politician skewered by Colbert, Pearce has now passed beyond the deer-in-the-headlights stage and has his minions running hither and yon – trying to soften the effect of Colbert and his army of fans who laugh at what passes for a conservative in 21st Century America.

Thanks to Steve Terrell


'Six Californias' Planner Tim Draper Discusses State Dividing on 'Colbert Report'

You might remember Tim Draper for his Six Californias plan (or because we keep talking about him), but in a nutshell, the zany Silicon Valley venture capitalist devised a dastardly scheme to divide the too-damn-big state into a bunch of mini ones. 112 more words