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The Plot Thickens

We’ve had some good sessions discussing plot in the writing group lately, which is useful as I’m midway through the first draft of my next novel. 626 more words


More One-Minute Book Reviews

Five more books that I have read, or at least attempted to read in the past few months.


Rather Outspoken – Dan Rather

Why doesn’t Dan Rather get the respect that he deserves for all of his years in the news business?  2,021 more words


A Snippet on Two Part Films: A Deadline Comment

The problem is that, Mockingjay has no reason to be a two part film: it just doesn’t have enough material to sustain as two parts. What is more, the reason that Part I is so underwhelming is because, as mentioned time and time again, it felt too much like half a movie. 780 more words

The Old Man Still Has His Writing Legs: A Review of Revival

Oh, Stephen King.  I have an on and off again relationship with him for the past 25 years (although more on in the past 10 years).  2,787 more words


Room 237 (2012) | Stanley Kubrick's The Shining gets a fun, but freaky deconstruction

Ever wondered if Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining was anything more than just a scary movie, and that they were there hidden meanings lurking within each masterfully conceived frame? 342 more words


Writing for Your Reader

This week I was discussing a short story assignment with a student. She’d shared her story with a writing group and found that they took issue to her not telling whether or not a character was male or female. 594 more words

Luckey Quarter

I am a big fan of Mr. Stephen King. Not only for being the lord of my nightmares, but, most of all, for being the helluva writer. 174 more words