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How Compatible Is Freemasonary With Christianity And Judaism?

How Compatible Is Freemasonary With Christianity And Judaism?

In his incisive book titled The Brotherhood, The Secret World Of The FreemasonStephen Knight… 50 more words


LOCKE (2013)

Drive, she said.

One Hardy and his car and it ain’t Mad Max.

This is interesting from the off. How do you make a film about one man driving in his car for the WHOLE film dynamic? 311 more words




The sign of a good movie is to turn a boring subject into a gripping piece of cinema. Be it the commercialisation of oil in the early 20th century or the founding of Facebook, recent years have seen me on the edge of my seat whilst watching films whose subject matter I quite frankly couldn’t care less about. 429 more words



by Matt J. Popham

Ivan Locke has made a decision.

A highly-regarded construction foreman, a loving husband, and a committed father, he has put all his professional and domestic obligations on hold to drive to London, where a woman he barely knows is giving birth to his illegitimate child – the result of a single night of regretted infidelity. 559 more words


Anti-fracking campaigner challenges conviction for assaulting police officer at Balcombe protests

26th August 2014

The appeal began this morning of an anti-fracking campaigner convicted of assaulting and obstructing a police officer at last year’s protests at Balcombe. 563 more words

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