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▶ The Truthseeker: NATO's 'Gladio' army in Ukraine

Organizing Notes   June 15, 2014

More on Gladio, the secret US-NATO program to control the world on behalf of corporate capital.

The links between Nazi’s and the US-NATO are well documented and sadly a virtual secret inside the US. 52 more words

Military Madness

Israeli Extrajudicial Assassinations

by Stephen Lendman

June 1, 2014

They’re willful, premeditated cold-blooded murder. They’re official Israeli policy.

Killers get impunity. Investigations rarely happen. Occasional ones are whitewashed. In May 2007, former Israeli Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said: 1,341 more words

Syrians Vote by Stephen Lendman

June 3 was historic. It was Syria’s first ever free, fair, open democratic presidential election. 

 by Stephen Lendman

Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar competed with Assad. 1,397 more words

War On Syria

Hunger Striking for Liberation and Justice

by Stephen Lendman

On April 24, 90 Palestinian uncharged administrative detainee political prisoners hunger struck. They did so for long denied justice.

Others joined them. Around 150 overall. 1,473 more words