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Post-mortem: Canada Reads 2014

I thought Sarah Gadon took some cheap shots with her feminist perspective.

I thought Donovan Bailey would have rather raced the 100m again instead of sit around the table with the other panelists. 1,260 more words


Stephen Lewis accuses UNAIDS of trivializing women

Stephen Lewis, a man familiar with both the United Nations and its agencies and with HIV/AIDS, blasted UNAIDS for trivializing women in its International Women’s Day message. 541 more words

Canada Reads 2014

Canadian literature fans, it’s finally over.

The topic for this year’s Canada Reads competition was one the entire country should be paying attention to: what is the one novel that could change Canada? 161 more words

World Book Day in the UK

World Book Day in the UK is the first Thursday of March. Sending out well wishes to all the readers in the UK. Read – it matters. 62 more words


Canada Reads Competition 2014

The Canada Reads 2014 competition, led by Jian Ghomeshi, took place this week.  If you are interested, here is a quick sum-up.  The theme this year was to find the one book that could change Canada as a nation. 323 more words

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