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The Barclays squirrel of postmodern irony

Postmodern irony is one of those terms whose meaning depends on which academic discipline the Hogwarts sorting hat chose for you. For our purposes, however, Postmodern irony stands for ironic self-reference and absurdity, and it is a territory that advertising and marketing regularly dwell in. 243 more words

M is for Merchant, Mighty, Miranda, and Modern (of the Stephen, Boosh, Hart and Family varieties, respectively)

Welcome to Comedy Monday! I know, it’s Tuesday with a T, and not Monday with an M – April screwed me over and did not change its days around as per our agreement *throws April a dirty look*. 731 more words

A To Z

Let's Go To The Beach | The Friday Five

A week of work is almost over, and I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend to begin.

The Friday Five

Hello Ladies is not AG

Intelligently written and legitimately funny shows are few and far between. HBO’s Hello Ladies was both of those in its first season (though you may want to substitute legitimately funny with painfully awkward). 401 more words


TV Wednesday: Honeymoon in Vegas, Modern Family-style (with video)

“I am my father’s daughter,” Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy said in the most recent episode of the Emmy-winning comedy, entitled Other People’s Children. “And sort of his son.” 359 more words


An Idiot's Guide to Little Englanders

I keep learning about movies and TV shows long after they’re past current — when the Netflix app on my iPad suddenly puts them in front of me. 796 more words